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By Sarah Ingham - 13 Nov 2023

Tips From Our Stylists...

Throughout our "Boost Your Business"series so far, we have been sharing our advice across a range of exciting topics such as Marketing, Finance and Upselling. But, let’s now turn our attention to the advice of your fellow stylists, the people who also share the journey you live in the hair industry world. Never forget you are not alone, we are not the only ones here to support you through this peak period and beyond, your fellow stylists are too.

We recently asked on our Instagram “What Is Your Top Tip For The Peak Period?” and we received some fantastic tips that we are excited to share with you…

1. “Be Organised, Order Hair On Time So You Have Less Stress Waiting On Delayed Deliveries” - Lynsey Best at @bestextend

“In December couriers can be delayed with parcels with the sheer amount they have to deliver, so my top tip is to never leave ordering hair to the last minute if at all possible to stop any stress with hair not turning up in time for a client fitting, especially if you are fully booked and have nowhere else you're able to rearrange the client too. Less stress means happier working days!”

We love this tip from Lynsey, organisation is certainly key, especially for this peak period where delays are expected more. Did you read our How To Make More Money As A Hairstylist" instalment of "Boost Your Business"?

We talk about the importance of planning and stocking up early concerning upselling and cross-selling but this is also important to ensure you have everything you need in your appointments, like Lynsey has highlighted.

2. “Focus Your Upselling Around A Christmas Theme” - Amy Gold at @goldielockshairextensions_

“The festive period is the perfect time to make current and potential clients feel like you’re speaking to them directly with the content you post. Hair Care gift sets and aftercare products can all be branded as ‘the perfect gift for your bestie/mum/sister etc’. Clip Ins are ideal for a temporary hair transformation for all the Christmas parties and events people go to, so advertise them for those occasions. Gift vouchers are also popular around the festive period, this can also secure you returning clients in the new year. When it comes to your captions on your posts; add a sparkle or some Christmas-themed emojis, you’d be surprised at how much more engagement a festive caption brings!”

Christmas is a great time to be creative and we love how Amy shares this opportunity in her top tip. Back in our "“Top Tips On Upselling And Cross-Selling In Your Marketing"blog we talked about the opportunities you have across your social media and website and this is a great tip to implement for both. Taking on board Amy’s tip is also utilising the opportunity you have to “Celebrate The Upcoming Period” a tip we discussed in “Market Yourself And Your Business In The Right Way”

3. “Do Plenty Of Marketing Now So January And February Are Fully Booked…Post Post Post” - Rebecca Banham at @hairextensionsbyrebeccabanham

“Marketing, marketing, marketing! The run-up to Christmas is busy for hairdressers. It’s so easy to overlook your marketing and social media in the busiest months of the year. You need to plan ahead for filling up January and February, the New Year can be profitable too. Make sure to post regularly to remind your clients they need you all year round and not just for Christmas!”

A great tip from Rebecca, in our "Market Yourself And Your Business In The Right Way"post we talked all about the importance of marketing and the variety of opportunities you have with it that you don’t want to miss. So, to follow Rebecca’s brilliant tip make sure you give our "Market Yourself And Your Business In The Right Way" a read with marketing advice ranging from some tips on tagging to the importance of monitoring your results.

4. “Make all new clients fully aware of your policy when booking an appointment to avoid confusion to cover your back” - Beth Wilkinson at @dakotahairextensions

“I have a firm cancellation policy which is displayed on my highlights on Instagram and I also send this through messages to new clients booking in. I am pretty strict with this policy; it eliminates time wasters and prompts people to be more on the ball with their appointments. Deposits are required for all bookings and any amendments to those bookings with less than 48 hours’ notice are required to pay another one. If it is less than 24 hours’ notice or a no-show they are required to pay in full for the missed appointment. Anyone who fails to pay I don’t book them in again! During the Christmas period, I tend to take a larger deposit as time is even more precious in December.”


Beth has given some great insight into her cancellation policy and how she promotes this. It’s always important to have a cancellation policy in place, especially over this busy time of year, you want to cover your back as much as possible.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you have some availability and cancellations you want to push, make sure you give "Market Yourself And Your Business In The Right Way" a read specifically point 3, “Make Booking Easier For Clients”.

5. “Advise Your Clients To Book in Regular Maintenance Appointments Up To Christmas To Prevent Extra Long In-Between Times During Christmas” - Becki Stewart at @beckstewarthairx

“This year I have asked clients to try to fit in more regular maintenance appointments rather than going extra long to fit in for Christmas. This is better for the hair and helps prevent matting. Even just tightening weaves in the in-between appointments before Christmas to remove shedding helps the hair get in good health for Christmas”

A wonderful tip from Becki. Whilst there are lots to think about over this peak season, don’t forget about your client’s maintenance appointments and remember to discuss these with them in line with your closing times over the Christmas period.

Extra Top Tips:

In addition to these five tips, we also have some extra brilliant tips to share with you from some of our wonderful stylists to help you over this peak period…

1. “Drink Water And Eat!” - @zoey_salonb

2. “Stay Focused, Don’t Overthink The Content You're Trying To Post And Have A Good Time Doing It”.” - @cyhair

3.“Make Sure You’re Still Taking Time To Look After Yourself” - @hampsonshair

4.“Lots Of Coffee” - @hairbylucyrx

5.“Preparation” - @_styledby_elizabeth

6.“Organisation Is Key”- @queenbeehairuk

7.“Get stocked up! Beads, thread, EVERYTHING” - @kimberley90x_

8.“Be Organised! Confirm All Clients The Week Before Their Appointment. Have All Stock In Ready!” - @stephaniecurranhair


We really hope you love these wonderful tips from your fellow stylists and take these on board. These give you some great perspectives on a wide range of areas within your career for this peak period but also beyond…

If you have any questions or require some further support, we are just a phone call or message away so feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our socials and your inbox for further “Boost Your Business” tips and advice across a range of exciting topics. Next up is our “Boost Your Business Summary", our final instalment of the series, dropping on Thursday 16th November.

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