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Our Hair

Sourcing and Selection

We source our hair alongside our long-established factory partners in Northeast China. We only source ethically, paying at or above market value to individuals who willingly donate their unprocessed human hair and are the direct recipient of the payment. Each braid undergoes meticulous inspection to maintain quality and ensure aligned cuticles. We select only the finest virgin hair that meets our rigorous standards for crafting our exceptional hair extensions.

Preparation, Processing and Production

Following our meticulous quality checks, the hair undergoes a series of treatments to ensure consistency and excellence throughout the colouring process. Initially, the hair is hygienically cleansed, fumigated, and sorted into lengths before being meticulously sewn together to maintain uniform cuticle alignment.

Next, a gentle lifting process removes melanin to achieve the desired colour base before applying our unique powdered dye over several days. This gradual process minimises damage and enhances colour longevity, ensuring optimal results.

After colouring, the hair undergoes multiple rounds of drawing to achieve a high ratio of hair lengths within each extension. Our quality team conducts thorough testing to verify adherence to our standards before the hair is crafted into various application methods, each innovation tailored to perfection.

Quality Control

Throughout our sourcing, selection, processing and production stages, we implement a series of inspections and comprehensive testing, including multiple washes with abrasive products, friction tests, microscopic examinations, and more. Each packet is assigned a unique batch number for easy traceability in the unlikely event of any issues.

As a final step before leaving our production facilities, our quality control inspectors conduct random checks on a significant portion of packaged hair, scrutinising various factors such as application methods, colours, lengths and weights.

When the product arrives at our warehouse, our team conducts another thorough inspection to ensure adherence to specifications. This additional check ensures that all colours, lengths, weights and packaging are accurate. With our advanced tracking systems, we can monitor every packet belonging to each batch, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.