• Four Steps to really Healthy Hair

    Four Steps to really Healthy Hair

    Improving the health of our hair is a year-round obsession, whether it’s the beginning of a new year when resolutions are set, or a change in the season reminding us that our hair needs a little more TLC. Luckily, sticking to these four golden rules will help improve your health and in turn, that of your skin and hair, to be strong and long....
  • Something fabulous is here!

    Something fabulous is here!

    Welcome to the new Remi Cachet Professional website! We’ve had our very own transformation and our new website is now live. We are now professional only, with stylists ordering directly from us for that full Remi Cachet experience. We have always believed that to have the best experience and results with our hair extensions, they should be applied by a trained professional stylist. This move...
  • Price Increase 1st August 2021

    Price Increase 1st August 2021

    It's the news that nobody wants to hear... We last had a price increase in April 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held off increasing our prices until August 2020 to ensure that all salons, stylists, and customers could benefit from our previous pricing whilst they were getting back to work and rebuilding their businesses. During this time, we’ve had several increases...
  • All you need to know about the Remi Cachet Luxury Range

    All you need to know about the Remi Cachet Luxury Range

    Hair extensions are a luxury. When we introduced our Luxury range, we only had a couple of methods. We thought it was time for a little makeover of our own, to improve the hair quality and adding more application options to the Luxury Hair range. Our creator, Victoria Lynch, said: “Offering exceptional hair quality at a reasonable price has been our ethos since the...
  • All you need to know about Hair Discolouration

    All you need to know about Hair Discolouration

    You may have heard murmurs about hair discolouration, and whether you’ve noticed any yourself, here’s our guide to what you REALLY need to know. Let us dispel a few myths along the way too. We tend to associate hair discolouration with going on holiday and spotting your strands going a peachy hue, even a rusty orange or a scary shade of green. It’s the...
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