A collective of elite stylists with a love for hair extensions and devoted to the Remi Cachet brand. Created in 2015, there are around 50 Super Stylists® around the world, each hand picked based on their expertise in hair extensions. Each year the criteria is reviewed, and to keep up with the progressive nature of the industry, the bar is raised to ensure that only the top stylists gain this accreditation.

Not only do we recognise their skills and promote their work, we also work closely with them through events and a private Facebook group, to network with each other, test new products in development and they have an opportunity to influence and drive the brand forward.

How do I become a Super Stylist®?

Admittance to our Super Stylist® programme is by invitation only, these are reviewed annually. Midway through the calendar year, we establish the criteria needed for the following year in light of sales and the progression of the industry. Then towards the end of the year, a thorough review of all Trade Accounts occurs which analyses our current Super Stylists® performance as well as new potential stylists/salons to consider.

Key criteria:

  • Demonstrating excellent application skills for each method accredited for.
  • Minimum nett annual spend.
  • Strong brand interaction in terms of social media, events and opportunities from the brand.
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