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Aftercare Guide

We're here to guide you, the professional stylist, to empower your clients with essential aftercare tips. Share the wisdom of maintenance routines that they can easily follow at home. This isn't just about keeping their extensions beautiful—it's about maximising their investment and enjoying the perks of our exclusive Hairsurance® Scheme. Elevate your service, and your clients' hair extension experience, to unparalleled lengths!

Quality Products, Quality Care

The longevity and lusciousness of hair extensions are directly linked to the quality of products used. Stick to Remi Cachet Hair Care products, specifically formulated to complement and enhance your Remi Cachet hair extensions. This not only ensures they last longer but also reinforces the trust and satisfaction of your clients, positioning you as their go-to expert for all their hair extension care needs.

Navigating Allergies with Care

As a stylist, safeguarding your client's well-being is paramount. Prior to hair extension installation, a crucial step is the patch test. This test, aimed at identifying potential allergic reactions to tape adhesives, metal rings, or other materials used in extensions, should be completed during the initial consultation or before the fitting appointment, at least 48 hours in advance. This proactive approach ensures any adverse reactions are spotted early, ensuring client safety and comfort.

To Dye or Not to Dye?

When it comes to colouring hair extensions, tread carefully. Our stance is clear: we recommend keeping our hair extensions in their original colour. Deciding to colour or tone them falls entirely under your responsibility and risk. Remember, these extensions have already undergone chemical processing. Choosing to alter their colour could compromise their integrity and appearance. If a colour change is a must, consider dyeing the client’s natural hair to match the extensions before installation. This strategy ensures a seamless blend and maintains the health of the extensions.

Preparation is Key

Ensure the hair is clean and completely dry before starting. While a pre-application shampoo with deep cleansing abilities is a smart choice, it's not an absolute must. However, steer clear of conditioners, hair masks, or any styling products pre-application. These can sabotage the process by causing slippage and preventing the adhesives from bonding securely to the natural hair.

Essential Washing Techniques

Pause before you plunge into washing those newly applied hair extensions! For the first 48 hours, it's best to avoid washing , allowing the adhesive to fully bond and set. When it comes to routine washes, less is more: aim for no more than three times a week to keep over-washing at bay. Too much washing can strip the extensions of moisture, leading to dryness, damage, and premature wear.

Start the washing process right by gently detangling from ends to roots with a soft brush—our Paddle Brush or Smoothing Brush are perfect for the job. Opt for lukewarm water and a gentle lather with Remi Cachet Shampoo, avoiding vigorous massages or twists that could tangle or stress the extensions.

Conditioning is crucial, but it's all about location. Apply Remi Cachet Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, steering clear of the roots and bonded areas to prevent slippage and buildup. A thorough rinse ensures your extensions remain light, fresh, and fabulously soft.

Drying Like a Pro

The secret to perfectly dried extensions starts right after washing. Instead of rubbing, opt for gently squeezing out the water and pat dry with our specialised Extension Towel. Elevate your extension care by applying our nourishing Hair Oil from the tips upward, carefully avoiding the bonded areas. Start on a cool setting to protect those bonds, then gradually shift to your normal heat setting. Remember, air drying is a no-go as it can weaken the bonds, risking your extensions' security.

Styling with Precision

When styling, the world of heat tools is your oyster, from hair straighteners to curling tongs and beyond. Yet, the golden rule is to keep the heat low to protect your extensions. Our Miracle Mist is your best ally, shielding your hair from heat damage. Always remember to steer clear of the bonds with heat to prevent any mishaps.

Brushing without Breakage

For detangling, our Paddle Brush becomes your trusty sidekick, designed to glide through extensions without snagging. Begin at the ends and gently work your way up, supporting the bonds to minimise stress on the hair. Encountering tangles? Our Miracle Mist comes to the rescue again, easing out knots with ease. Regular, gentle brushing is key to avoiding tangles and maintaining the sleekness of your extensions. Wet hair is more vulnerable, so switch to our Waving Comb for any post-shower combing to avoid damage.

Bond Maintenance

Regularly checking and gently separating the bonds of your hair extensions is non-negotiable. As natural hair sheds, it can become entangled in the bonds, leading to mats and tangles that are tough to manage. Keeping those bonds separated ensures your extensions remain smooth and manageable.

Mastering the Challenge of Discolouration and Fading in Hair Extensions

Understanding the nuances between discolouration and fading is crucial for any professional stylist. While both phenomena may seem similar at a glance, they stem from different causes and can impact the beauty of hair extensions in unique ways. Recognising and addressing these issues promptly can not only save the day but also elevate your expertise in managing hair extension care.

Blonde and lighter hair extensions are particularly vulnerable to discolouration, which can result from various environmental factors. To protect these precious strands, vigilance against products containing UV protectants, sunscreens, false tanning lotions, perfumes, and some heat protectants is key. These products can unwittingly alter your extensions' hue to unwanted shades of pink, peach, or copper, especially when mixed with hard water, leading to a chemical reaction that changes the hair's colour.

Summer intensifies these risks, with increased exposure to sun, sea, and swimming pool chemicals. Yet, the threat of discolouration isn't confined to vacations abroad; it can strike just as easily at home.

To combat these challenges, we recommend the Malibu C Hard Water Sachets or Wellness Kit. These products work wonders in removing build-up and correcting any unwanted shifts in colour, especially effective when used promptly after discolouration is noticed. They're also great preventative tools against hard water effects and the cumulative impact of product use.

Be wary of hair oils with artificial colourings that can stain when heated; opt instead for clear oils like our recommended Remi Cachet Hair Oil to keep your extensions pristine.

Fading, on the other hand, is a natural process affecting all hair over time. Factors accelerating fading include certain hair care ingredients, UV exposure, and the rigours of styling tools. Ash tones and vibrant colours are especially fade-prone due to their dyeing processes.

Restoring faded extensions to their original glory is a delicate process that often involves recolouring—a task best left to skilled professionals, though it comes with risks to hair health.

In essence, keeping hair extensions vibrant and true-to-tone requires a blend of preventive care, timely intervention, and a deep understanding of the elements at play. As stylists, your role in navigating these challenges is invaluable, ensuring every client's extensions remain as lustrous and beautiful as intended.

The Art of Extension Removal and Maintenance

For hair extensions to continue enhancing your client's beauty without compromising the health of their natural hair, entrust removal exclusively to skilled professionals. DIY attempts at extension removal can lead to unnecessary damage to both hair and scalp, a risk not worth taking.

Scheduling regular maintenance appointments is essential for the enduring allure and integrity of hair extensions. These sessions allow for professional assessment and adjustment of the extensions, ensuring they evolve seamlessly with the client's natural hair growth and styling needs.

Utilising the correct tools and products for removal is paramount. Whether it's Adhesive remove for tape-in extensions and flat tips or Removal Pliers for pre-bonded types, or Pro Micro Pliers for ring or lock extensions, choosing the right equipment safeguards the hair's condition during the removal process.