• Remi Cachet Summer Ball Spectacular

    Remi Cachet Summer Ball Spectacular

    Mid-lockdown we decided we needed a party and something to celebrate so our Summer Ball was born. A night of glam at a stately hotel in the North-East is set for later this month - 18th September and we are pleased to be joined by our VIP only guest list. The guest list includes our Super Stylists, leading accounts, hair industry professionals, and the...
  • Get social - how to get featured on our feeds

    Get social - how to get featured on our feeds

    We love to see your work (and of course our hair) to repost as much as possible and we encourage all our stylists to share their work with us as much as possible. Sitting alongside work by other amazing extensionists, you are going to want to showcase your work on our platforms, as well as yours. But just how do you get your work...
  • Making extensions a successful part of your salon business

    Making extensions a successful part of your salon business

    Launching a new part to your salon business, or even adding a new brand, is exciting. It’s been your little secret for a while and now you are ready to share your buzz for the brand and passion for great hair. Let us help you with this starter guide to make adding Remi Cachet hair extensions to your service menu, and make it the...
  • Getting your pricing right

    Getting your pricing right

    Formulating your prices is one of the hardest aspects of running your own business, trying to strike that balance to attract new clients and keep existing clients, as well as making a profit to build your business further. We recently announced a price rise, and our MD Victoria Lynch shared some insights into the many factors that contribute to the rising costs in our...
  • Perfecting Your Consultation

    Perfecting Your Consultation

    Time in a hair consultation is time you invest in your business to attract new clients and even if you are changing for this service, here’s our top tips to perfecting your consultation to make the most of the time and converting the enquiry into a new loyal client. When booking It may be worth checking a few things to avoid time wasters such...
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