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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Sep 2023

Remi Cachet Brand Ambassadors

We are excited to announce we have launched the new Remi Cachet Brand Ambassador Program…

Announcing three of our stylists that are the first of their kind and will be working closely with us to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

What Is The Remi Cachet Brand Ambassador Program?

The program is a fantastic collaboration between our brand and our ambassadors. It is not only about our ambassadors representing the brand but it is also about their personal and professional growth. The program gives them several benefits from opportunities to share their expertise to chances to bring their unique, fresh and engaging content to life overall bringing a personal touch to our brand.

How Does The Program Benefit Ambassadors?

- The program is heavily focused on developing the ambassador’s personal and professional growth.

- Our ambassador’s voice becomes an integral part of our brand story.

- They play a part in the whole creative process of new products and are on the front lines of our product launches.

- Ambassadors have the opportunity to assist in delivering training and educational sessions to other professional stylists, sharing their expertise and unique understanding of our products.

- The program is a wonderful platform for ambassadors to bolster their public speaking and leadership skills.

- We will always ensure ambassadors have access to in-depth product training, workshops, and skill-building sessions.

- Overall, we aim to ensure our brand ambassadors are equipped with all the knowledge they need to confidently represent our brand while also advancing their own career and skill set.

Remi Cachet Ambassadors

Stephen Hopper

Stephen Hopper

  • Owner of
  • Hair Salon based in Alnwick
  • Winner of the Social Engagement Award at our Summer Ball And Awards 2023
  • Specialises in Mini Tips, Ultra Tips, Weft, Pro Tips, Tapes and Nano Tips

“I’m over the moon to have been chosen, I’ve used the hair for over eight years and love everything about it. I am so excited to take on the role and for the opportunities that come with it!”


Alex Ferris

Alex Ferris


  • Owner of @alexfhairextensions
  • Hair Salon based in Bradford
  • Winner of the Hair Extensionist Of The Year Award for North West England at our Summer Ball And Awards 2023
  • Specialises in Mini Tips, Ultra Tips, Flat Tips, Wefts, Tapes and Nano Tips

“To be asked to be a brand ambassador for Remi Cachet has filled me with pride and joy. It's such an honour to represent a brand that I love and wholeheartedly believe in!”


Christopher Laird

Christopher Laird


  • Co-owner of @novembercollectiveuk
  • Hair and Beauty Salon based just outside of Edinburgh
  • Announced as a finalist for the Hair Extensionist Of The Year: South & East Scotland at our Summer Ball And Awards 2023
  • Specialises in Weft, Tapes and Pre-bonded Methods
  • Session Stylist, Colour Master and Educator

“I am delighted to embrace the role of the new UK Ambassador for Remi Cachet, a brand that has been an integral part of my journey for years. The profound fondness I have developed for Remi Cachet's products and ethos has now evolved into a remarkable opportunity to contribute to its creative future.

My experiences in red carpet styling at illustrious events like the BAFTAs and Brit Awards, coupled with my engagement in diverse global hair campaigns and my background in Hair Education these experiences have equipped me with an intricate understanding of elegance and trendsetting. As I step into this new role, I eagerly anticipate synergizing my skills with the brand's values.”

We are thrilled to announce our new ambassadors and can’t wait for you all to see what’s to come…

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