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By Sarah Ingham - 22 Sep 2023

Top 10 Social Tips

We love to see your work (and of course our hair) to feature it on our platforms; whether it’s on blogs, emails, our Instagram posts or TikToks, we love sharing your work. So, we have selected 10 top social media tips to help you maximise the potential you have with your social media content. 

Our Approval Process

Before we discuss our top tips, we want to keep you in the loop with our approval process. 

Previously,we have asked for approval on images on both an individual image and account basis and once approval was granted we were sharing your content across our marketing.

However, things have changed a little inline with our User Generated Content (UGC) Terms and Conditions on our website and to make sure that we are complying with these guidelines, going forward we will be asking for your approval for every Image or reel that we would like to reshare across our marketing. By replying to our message with #YESRC you are giving your consent for us to use your content. You can also always opt out of consent at any time too, if you need to do so for any reason.

This being said you may start to receive a lot more DM’s from us than usual for your approval, as we will need to ensure we have your consent for every piece of content that we want to reshare before we can feature this within our marketing.

We appreciate and understand that you are all so busy, however to make sure your work continues to get featured we require this approval beforehand.

We absolutely love showcasing all your amazing work and want to continue to do so, so thank you in advance for your time!

Now, on to our top tips to help you maximise your opportunity with socials...

Remi Cachet Top 10 Social Tips

1. Keep Your Content High-Quality

First and foremost, your content should be as high-quality as possible. The better the quality of your content, the more appealing it is going to be and the more we will want to share it.

Therefore, ensure the lighting is good, no filters are used (this can comprise the representation of the hair), and there is no blur.

2. Tell Us The Story

Keeping it short and sweet give us information about your client’s journey e.g. if the extensions lasted a particularly long time, if they wanted hair extensions for a particular reason etc. (all with the client’s permission of course) as we may be looking for something specific. Therefore, the more information we have, the better.

3. Product Information

Similarly to tip 2, the more information the better. But, as well as information on your client’s hair journey, give information about the product(s);

Mention us in the copy to let everyone know you use the brand.

What hair extensions did you use? We would love to know the hair range and product name you used.

What colour(s)?

What length?

Again, this is perfect to know if we are looking for something specific. If we have this information available from your post, you have more chances for us to message you requesting you to be featured.

4. Trends

Did you create this look with a particular trend in mind? If so, share it. If we know you are working in line with a particular trend, this could particularly be a great contribution to our seasonal trend blog posts and emails.

5. Lift The Lid

As well as your gorgeous transformations, we also love seeing “#liftthelid”. So, share your brilliant application techniques.

6. All Angles

Similarly to “#liftthelid”, we also want to see the sides and front of your looks as well as the back… capture all angles. Just make sure you’re clients are always happy for you to post these.

Don’t forget about our Salon Face Shield which is perfect for those clients that don’t want to show their face.

7. Be Seen By Us

For increased opportunity to ensure your posts are seen by us you need to do things; tag us and hashtag #remicachet and #shareyouhair.

We are always going through our tagged images and hashtags so if you do the above, you have a significantly higher chance of your content being seen by us.

8. Showcase Aftercare

Take the opportunity to discuss the aftercare advice you have given your clients to use Remi Cachet products. This is not only a great opportunity to educate your clients on aftercare but it also gives you more chances to be featured on our platforms for your hair and aftercare. Aftercare is something we are so passionate about so if you are sharing the same values as us, this is a great content opportunity for you to share.

9. Avoid Watermarks

Whether it’s the TikTok watermark when you are sharing your video on other platforms or you are using your own watermark on your posts, we would typically advise against this. This is because we have found that often the watermarks cover the hair.

Don’t forget that we will always credit your images; whether it’s for a blog, email, social post etc., you will always be credited.

10. Use A Variation Of Content Types

Make the most of the opportunity you have to use a variation of content. Whether it’s a static post, carousel, reel, TikTok etc. we are always looking for a variation of content to share. So, the more variation, the better.

Have you got any other questions about our social tips? If so, feel free to contact us where one of the team will be happy to help.

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