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By Sarah Ingham - 03 Sep 2021

FYI: Pro Tips vs Ultra Tips

It might be the unusual shape that you notice first, but there is so much to know about our Ultra Tips and baby sister, Pro Tips you will soon realise why they are one of our top selling pre-bonded hair extensions. Here’s everything you need to know about these one of a kind extensions.

Ultra Tips and Pro Tips Hair Extensions


When asked to describe the Ultra Tips we always say "Ultra Flat, Ultra Light, Ultra Coverage." The unique design is a wafer-thin bond that holds the hair. Ultra Tips came first and then the smaller Pro Tips followed. Exactly, the same design, just smaller. The Ultras are great for creating volume and the Pro Tips are so discreet they are perfect for finer hair or areas such as hair lines where the hair is naturally less dense.


Using our most popular Elegance Russian/Mongolian hair that lasts at least 12 months with good aftercare. This also means you get our wider Elegance Colour range of over 55 shades. However, the length options vary with the Ultra Tips having the full range of 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” although the Pro Tips are currently only available in the more popular lengths of 16” and 20”. The grams of hair per strand depends on the length, and obviously less for the smaller Pro Tips. What’s truly unique about these hair extensions, is that if you have one of our Mixed Shades then the hair will be a different shade on each side of the tip.

Ultra Tips Hair Extensions Fitting by Raminta

Raminta has used colours T6-16, T2-6/22, 6/10+22, 6/10DD to create this blend using Ultra Tips. 

Ultra Tips Hair Extension Fitting by Raminta


The polyurethane bond lays flat to the client's head, evenly dispersing the hair out. The bond is reusable, so the extensionist does not need to re-tip at maintenance appointments. And for the wearers the bond is not affected by heat or product damage. . The tip being flat needs a unique lock – the Ultra Lock – which is an oval shape to securely hold the bond properly. The Ultra Locks work with both the Ultra and Pro Tips.


These are a micro ring system, just like our Mini Tips and are a clean pre-bonded hair option. Working with a threader full of Ultra Locks, extensionists can quickly and precisely add an Ultra Tip strand and secure the lock with pliers.

Our previous blog is an in-depth look at all our hair extensions application methods which you might find a useful read too. Extensionists also like using hybrid methods; combining for example a weft with the Ultras or Pros. This is really useful to add single strands for colour effects such as face framing.



Just like the other micro ring applications, on maintenance or removal, simply use pliers to gently squeeze and release the Ultra Locks. The locks are not reusable but the hair and bonds are ready to be reapplied straight away for up to 12 months.

We have covered the important points and here’s three fun facts about them too:

  • Not only is the name Registered, but the design is too. So be weary of imitations!
  • When launched they were initially launched as Fan Tips as they fan the hair out.
  • They’ve won us awards too! Ultra Tips won 2017 Hair Awards Super 60 Best European Human Hair Extensions and were finalists for the same award in 2018 and 2019 too.
If you’ve never tried these extensions, we are sure you will love them – to work with as an extensionist and as a hair extension wearer too.

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