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By Sarah Ingham - 30 Oct 2023

How To Make More Money As A Hairstylist

Increasing your income as a hairdresser or salon owner isn’t just about providing great services, making more money in the hair business requires you to drive business from new and existing clients. Primarily, there are two situations where you can utilise your opportunity to upsell or cross-sell; when your client is in the chair / with you and also in your marketing. In this installment of “Boost Your Business” we are going to share our advice on how you can improve your upselling and cross-selling strategy whilst your client is with you and how Remi Cachet can support you with this…

Overall, your clients have put their trust in you to do their hair so you are in a unique position to share your knowledge and expertise when it comes to giving them recommendations that you believe can benefit them, helping them to enjoy beautiful hair all year round, whilst also generating additional revenue for your business.

We’ve spent time researching how to make more money as a stylist and have come up with five top tips to help you find ways to upsell or cross-sell effectively whilst you have your client’s attention. Specifically, the top tips we’re covering are:

1. Plan And Stock Up Early

2.Showcase Other Products

3. Highlight Special Offers

4. Share Your Product And Service Expertise Into The Conversation

5. Promote Gifting And Vouchers

1. Plan And Stock Up Early

For upselling and cross-selling are done effectively, plan what you are going to talk to your clients about because it’s then important to make sure you have what you need to upsell the products /services you want to sell no matter whether it’s styling tools, aftercare products, or additional services.

How can you do this?

Well, you may want to stock additional retail products so that you can upsell these products once you have given your client the perfect blowout or created that perfect wave. They are going to love the results you have provided so this is your opportunity to encourage them to invest in the correct products and tools they need to help them achieve that salon blow dry or perfect curl at home.

TOP RC STYLIST TIP - Recommend aftercare products with every service, and make sure there are plenty of them in stock to sell over the peak period.

RC Super Stylists Jordan Gourley and Charlotte Fishwich, owners of Jordan Charlotte Hair Lounge, share the importance of doing this, especially coming up to the Christmas period when they spotted a trend in their client’s behaviour, and prepared for this… “A lot of our clients wait for December to get a fresh set of hair extensions so we make sure we have plenty of Remi Cachet aftercare products in stock for them to purchase. Also, family members of clients usually pop in for aftercare gifts too so they can gift them at Christmas.”

ACTION! Identify your best sellers, the products you want to push, and plan early. You need to work out the right quantities you will need for this peak period to stock up early to ensure you avoid the dreaded ‘we don’t have any left’ response. This could mean clients go elsewhere or even worse, don’t buy at all.

At Remi Cachet we make sure your trade prices across our hair and associated product ranges are set at a level that allows you to add on margin when selling these… yet still ensure Remi Cachet products are priced at an affordable level for your clients.

In the lead-up to this peak period, we have fantastic aftercare bundle deals on offer until the end of November, helping you to make more money.

  • Buy 5 Duo Sets and get the 5th one free
  • Buy 3 Travel Duos and get the 3rd one free

2. Showcase Other Products 

It may sound so simple, but this is KEY to upselling and cross-selling success.

If you work in a salon environment your retail space is a key area to focus on as a strategy to upsell and cross-sell because it is your space to display your products. We always recommend that your space is clean, tidy and you utilise the opportunities you have with signage to really make your displays stand out.

And you can take it one step further and focus on the placement of your retail space and the products you want to upsell. Think about your client’s needs and desires for their hair after they walk out of the salon. Everyone wants that ‘just out the salon’ hair day every day, so, what products are perfect to push in line with this? We recommend our Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Miracle Mist as the perfect aftercare products.

Head to Tip 1 for all of the information you need to know about the fantastic bundles we have on offer for our aftercare products.

How can you do this?

Whether that’s having products aesthetically arranged at the hair station where your client is getting their hair done or in view when your clients are looking in the mirror, overall, keeping your products/service information in your client’s eyeline will significantly help them to be at the forefront of their mind. Moreover, it creates a perfect opportunity to start a conversation when the clients can see what you are discussing and you can talk through the benefits whilst showing them the product itself.

Not in a salon? Then chat to your clients about what you are using and make sure you leave out the product you are using so it is in their eyeline as you go on to create magic with their hair...this will encourage your client to want to purchase.


Again, our Super Stylists Jordan Gourley and Charlotte Fishwick, owners of Jordan Charlotte Hair Lounge explain a technique they use over the upcoming Christmas period “We add products & gift vouchers to our Christmas Tree so when clients are admiring the decorations, they can see the retail in the tree.”

ACTION! Little changes in the placement of your product/service information placement could make a big difference to the money you make for your business.


3. Highlight Special Offers 

Do you run any special offers for your clients? If you don’t, why not start right now?

How can you do this?

When running offers, incorporate these into your discussions whilst making them obvious within your space in front of the chair.

Promoting special offers is not just about incentivising your clients who are new to the products to purchase. It is also about upselling and cross-selling to your clients who are already using the products, encouraging them to repurchase. Plus, there is a significant opportunity over the Christmas period, when gifting is at its prime, to upsell gifting options for less.

ACTION! As well as incorporating these into your discussions when you’re with your client, there are great ways to promote these in your Marketing. Keep an eye out for our "Top Tips On Upselling And Cross-Selling In Your Marketing" blog post, launching on Wednesday 1st November.


4. Share Your Product And Service Expertise In The Conversation

You are the expert and your clients trust in you, so, share your expertise with them by incorporating information about your products and services in your discussions at their appointments.

How can you do this?

For example, if you love our Miracle Mist, let them know the key benefits of the product and why you think it is perfect for them. We would tell them about its heat defence properties, along with how it can be used as a leave-in conditioner to help nourish and repair damaged hair.

If your client loves our Deluxe hair rangeand you feel they could benefit from a range with a longer longevity this would be the perfect time to recommend our Elegance range.Don’t be afraid to tell them. Inform them about the benefits of the range highlighting longevity, quality and endless methods and colour options.

It’s also essential to listen to your clients. If they are expressing an interest in a product or have highlighted a concern with their hair, this is the perfect time to upsell your products or services.

Whilst showing your expertise by talking to your clients is very important, these conversations may start simply by listening to them and identifying the possible solution that will help you to upsell relevant products that could work for them. For example, if a new client is asking in their consultation about how they can keep their hair extensions gorgeous for longer this is your opportunity to discuss our range of aftercare.

Don’t forget we have some fantastic bundle deals on offer, helping you to make more money whilst your client is in the chair:

  • Buy 5 Duo Sets and get the 5th one free
  • Buy 3 Travel Duos and get the 3rd one free
  • Buy 2 Paddle Brush Retail Packs and get 25% off

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ACTION! When talking to your clients about products, don’t forget to show and tell. You don’t want to be reeling off too much information to your clients which could overwhelm them. Instead, allow them to smell, feel and use the products and we all know how unbelievable Remi Cachet aftercare smells, our signature Strawberry and Cucumber...your clients won't go back after that.

A great product way to introduce your clients to our aftercare is our Remi Cachet Aftercare Sachet Pack. The pack contains the essentials your clients need to extend the lifespan of their hair extensions. It makes for a great addition to your retail space for your clients to purchase or even as an option for you to give to your clients to try the products before they come back wanting to buy the full size.

Remi Cachet Aftercare Sachet Pack

View The Remi Cachet Aftercare Sachet Pack

Or upsell the full-size products with a discount for their first purchase as a further incentive.

Don’t underestimate how useful it is to show them how to use a particular product. By doing this you are not only highlighting your invaluable, professional expertise but you’re also giving your clients a chance to experiment with your retail offerings.

Overall, the key is not to be afraid to bring these discussions into your conversations naturally, showing off your expertise, without being forceful. We know you’ve got this in hand.

5. Promote Gifting And Vouchers

Gifting and vouchers are a great upselling opportunity all year round but especially with Christmas approaching. Whether your clients buy them as a gift for their friends and family or as a treat for themselves in the new year.

How can you do this?

As explained by Jordan Charlotte Hair Lounge (see Tip 1) family members of clients usually pop in for aftercare products so they can gift them for Christmas. Make sure your clients know this is okay - reassure your client when they are leaving their appointment that you know a family member or friend may be popping in and you have made a note of what it is your client wants so that when family/friends come in to buy, you can immediately point them to the clients "wish list" and end up with a sale.

If you operate a gift voucher scheme make your clients aware that gift vouchers are available to them; take into consideration things such as placement, and signage and incorporate these in your discussions. Placement is key…

In summary, don’t be afraid to upsell. Upselling and cross-selling are key areas to help you “Boost Your Business”; whether you are renting a chair, have a home salon, are mobile, or own a salon, there are always opportunities to do this, so make the most of these with our tips.

We hope you have benefitted from our top tips when it comes to your upselling and cross-selling opportunities when you are with your clients. If you have any questions or require some further support, we are just a phone call or message away so feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our socials and your inbox for further “Boost Your Business” tips and advice across a range of exciting topics… Next up is “Top Tips On Upselling And Cross-Selling In Your Marketing” dropping on Wednesday 1st November.

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