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By Sarah Ingham - 15 Feb 2023

Perfecting Your Salon Business Strategies

Following our previous blog about pricing at Remi Cachet we have some top tips for you about perfecting your business strategies. Times are currently hard with the cost of living crisis so hopefully, our tips give you some inspiration on how you can navigate your business through these tough times…

1. Be Flexible In Your Options

As mentioned in our previous blog post, when it comes to consultations: be flexible. If you give your clients your expert advice on what hair range, hair extension type etc is best for them, be prepared to discuss alternative ideas.

You may find that the option you advise does not match your client’s budget therefore rather than be limited in the options you give, ensure you are flexible and confident to give alternatives that way you aren’t restricting yourself and potentially losing out on clients.

For example, if they have expressed an interest in having Nano Tips applied but Elegance, doesn't suit their budget, why not discuss the option of a shorter length? Or, why not discuss another range of Nano Tips? Although Deluxe and Luxury have a different price range you may find the perfect option for them that suits their budget and makes them leave your chair happy.

2. Think About Packages

Do you provide packages to your customers? If not, this is something you can offer as part of your business strategy.

You can do this by incorporating aftercare into their service as a package. This will not only appeal to your customers by providing them with a strong USP, but it will also ensure that they have the proper aftercare to keep their hair looking fabulous for a longer period of time.

Remi Cachet Shampoo & Conditioner Duo


Shop Aftercare 


3. Education Is Key

The more educated you are the more flexible you can be to cater to your client’s needs, which is a great skill to have as mentioned in tip one.

The importance of education doesn't just stop at the extensions themselves, don’t forget your service goes beyond the application of extensions with knowledge of aftercare advice and products being just as crucial.

Keep a look out on our socials over the next few months for some exciting announcements regarding education 👀.

Want a refresh on Remi Cachet? Check out our product brochure with all the information you need…


Remi Cachet Product Brochure

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4. Embrace Marketing

You either love it, or hate it, but either way, Marketing is a crucial element for your business’s success. Not only is Marketing a great way to keep your current clients up to date with the business but it’s a fantastic way to acquire new ones. We can guarantee that if a client is looking to find out more information about your business, they are going to look for your Instagram. Therefore, make sure this is visually appealing, informative and engaging to your audience to persuade them you are the stylist for them.

Instagram is one of the many platforms to use to perfect your Marketing strategy. Make sure you also read "Our Top 5 Marketing Tips for more great tips when it comes to Marketing.

5. Show Off Your Expertise

Following on from our Marketing advice, we recommend you maximise the opportunity you have on these platforms to show off your expertise. Whether that’s through our #liftthelid to show your skills or if it’s educational videos informing your clients about methods or both, showing off your expertise will appeal to clients to choose you as their stylist.

6. Customer Service

A great way to guarantee long-term stability for your business, perfecting your customer service is essential.

As you will understand, when clients come to the salon, it’s all about the hair, yes, but experience is also important. In summary, if your clients are paying premium prices (no matter the range of hair) you have to offer a premium experience.

Everything from the look of your space to the communication with your clients, it all matters to accomplish consumer satisfaction.

A great way to measure your customer service is through reviews. Whether its via Facebook or your website, encouraging your clients to leave a review will give you a great representation of how your customer service is performing. With your new reviews, your potential clients are going to get a brilliant idea of what your business is like and persuade them to choose you as their stylist.

7. Increase Your Portfolio

Your service doesn’t end at the chair, so, review the other channels you have to sell your products which in turn may increase your product portfolio.

For example, maybe in your salon, you have the opportunity for retail space. Selling products through this channel will allow you to sell products that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to in your appointments, increasing your overall business portfolio.

Education is also a great way to increase your portfolio as the more qualifications, and knowledge you have the more products you can work with.

Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration on how you can take your business to the next level. Any questions? Contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.

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