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By Sarah Ingham - 27 Apr 2022

Our Top 5 Marketing Tips

When it comes to running your business, Marketing is essential to put your services at the front of your customers mind. Unsure where to start? We have 5 of our top tips to help you…

1.) Know Your Brand And Stick To Its Identity

Starting off with one of the most important areas of Marketing your business…knowing your brand. Before you even begin planning a Marketing strategy for your business, defining your brand is key.

Overall, brand identity includes 5 key areas for you to review to then discover your brand identity. So, we have some questions for you to help you identify yours…

- Visual Brand Identity - What is your colour scheme? Your typography? Your logo? What does your branding say about you? etc.

- Brand Voice - Are you chatty? Are you funny? Or, are you more formal and serious? etc.

- Brand Values - Why do you offer to clients? Why do your clients trust you? How do you want to make your clients feel? What's important about the way you run your business? etc.

- Brand Personality - Imagine if your brand was a person - what would their personality be like? What quote, motto or mantra best represents your business? Can you describe your business in 5 words? etc.

- Brand Message - What does your brand message stand for? Why should someone choose your brand? What do you do best? etc.

Once you have answered these questions (any maybe some more) you have your brand identity. Now, it's important to stick with this. Once you have a strong brand identity this will resonate with your clients and help you build good relationships with your customers. For example, if they are interested in your brand and what you do and share the same values they will most likely choose you over your competition. Therefore, being honest and open is extremely important, as well as giving your clients a great customer experience that brings them back to you time after time.

2.) Pick One Or Two Channels And Own Them

The "Federation Of Small Businesses" (FSB) explains that sometimes, small businesses can fall into the trap of utilising social media profiles on a variety of platforms. Who can blame them? There's so many about with more and more emerging everyday so you may think it's best to jump on them all. Apparently not. If you are utilising too many platforms you will be very likely to lose control of your strategy which will be most likely due to issues such as time constraints. As a result, your Marketing won't be very consistent.

This is why “FSB” explains that rather than trying to keep up with the ever changing digital world, stick to one or two platforms that really work for you. They further explain that Facebook and Instagram work really well for those who are running a business that is targeting consumers.

Whatever your choice(s) are, own them. Post regularly, be consistent, utilise trends, be informative, engaging and be a business your customers want to be a part of.

3.) Utilise Character Limits

When it comes to advice directly from us at Remi Cachet we always recommend you put as much information in as possible in your captions… show off what you can do. Being informative to those who are viewing your profile not just shows off your skill set but it may just allow them to take an interest in a particular method they are seeing on your page. This will then result in them engaging with your business… the perfect result.

However, this doesn't mean tell us your life story… Be informative but get straight to the point, what method is it, what colour is it, what length, how gorgeous does she look and any other information you think is relevant.

Don’t forget to tag us too and use #shareyourhair, we love to share your work on our channels!

4.) #Strategically #Use #Hashtags

Online Marketing platform “Mention” outlines the importance of using hashtags efficiently in your Marketing strategy. Overall, using hashtags have a number of benefits from putting your content in front of a bigger audience to raising brand awareness.

One of the points “Mention” discusses is an opportunity you have with hashtags to boost the organic reach of your posts. In summary, the hashtags help categorise your content and get it in front of the intended audience. For example, if you have used our hair in one of your transformations, using a hashtag such as #RemiCachetHairExtensions will get your content in front of someone who is specifically searching for the hashtag “Remi Cachet Hair Extensions”. Therefore, boosting your visibility and your brand awareness.

Despite this, it's really important to avoid overusing hashtags as this can result in platforms such as Instagram blocking you from using the platform. To avoid this risk of overusing hashtags, “Mention”, has three tips:

1. Be precise - For example rather than using extremely generic hashtags such as #hair be specific with #RemiCachethair.

2. Be relevant - Don’t just hashtag random things for the sake of getting recognition and likes, it's important you stay consistent to the industry. For example, when you are posting about extensions, stick to relevant extension hashtags.

3. Observe - A key tip is to observe. See what your customers are hashtagging when posting their hair transformations as you may be missing out on a small hashtag that could make a big difference to your engagement. For further insight, you can always rely on Google Trends to see the popularity of specific keywords that can be turned into a hashtag.

5.) Say Hello To Marketing Materials

You have a trade account with us so celebrate it!! Show off that you are working with a well established and trusted brand (not to be biassed). Our range of marketing material products in our Tools & Accessories collection are perfect for doing just that. For example, our posters and stickers are great for placing around your salon. These will then be visible to people who are walking past or those who are visiting the business for another treatment to gain brand recognition and interest.

Have you got any questions or are after some more top tips? Contacting us is easy and our Marketing team would be more than happy to help.

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