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By Sarah Ingham - 08 Aug 2021

Making extensions a successful part of your salon business

Launching a new part to your salon business, or even adding a new brand, is exciting. It’s been your little secret for a while and now you are ready to share your buzz for the brand and passion for great hair. Let us help you with this starter guide to make adding Remi Cachet hair extensions to your service menu, and make it the successful service you knew it can be.

Salon ready to start conversations

We offer plenty of great marketing materials to help showcase hair extensions and start to get the word out and to help start conversations with your clients. Subtle items such as the mirror stickers are not too imposing for your own salon style and you can guarantee they see it straight in front of them.

We recommend adding a few items to your basket to get you started from our range of Point of Sale items

  • Form a Deeper Bond Point of Sale Pack including aftercare leaflets, this compact unit works well on reception desks and in your waiting area
  • Posters – these are slim line A1 so perfect for the windows and all set with window suckers

Your training will always tell you to have your kit tidy and prepared, so we would suggest making your own separate hair extension trolley. Don’t hide it away as clients will be intrigued seeing your machine or bottles of rings lined up and will ask more about how it all works.

Who doesn’t love a hair wall? Investing in our Super Ring not only makes colour matching so easy, but the individual swatches look amazing hung on walls as display areas. Check out these eye-catching displays:

Team ready

It’s worth doing some training sessions with all your team to make sure everyone knows the benefits of having hair extensions so they can maybe consider their own clients who might like to know more about the service and also so they can answer some of the basic questions.

It’s also worth getting your team wearing extensions to get on board. This has the added benefit of being able to show and tell your clients the hair, and the application, as the seeing for themselves is often really helpful. We all know hairdressers like to change their own hair often, and again this is a great conversation starter to explain how you achieved such a dramatic change.

Get the word out

Get in touch with us to share our logo and visual assets for you. You can use these for your social media, email campaigns and website. This will help you get started until you have more of your own content. Also make sure you are following us on social media, and save useful content that you can repost later, such as our Hair Recycling Scheme, model imagery and new product releases. All we ask, if to Tag us in your social media posts to credit us properly there.

For a launch event, how about something more intimate with a handful of people very interested, or maybe look to do a Facebook or Instagram live with a demonstration and talking through the hair quality, different application methods and advantages. It’s always worth covering some of those myths surrounding putting your hair up, caring for your extensions and damage to your own hair.

You may wish to set aside specific time for consultations and then promote these appointments.

We really recommend planning your social media content, to always regularly be talking about hair extensions, and with key messages for length, volume, colour and again covering some FAQs and myths.

First few clients

For your first clients, it’s worth considering offering free fitting to practice a new method, and also use their images for advertising. They are a walking, talking advertisement for your business and you could consider a loyalty scheme for anyone else who books a fitting referencing them, to give them money off their next set.

Ensure you take lots of photos and videos of these fittings to make the most of this content on social media to maximise your exposure.

Post Sales

Obviously, we recommend our own products as they have been formulated with our hair and bonds in mind to care for them properly and ensure it will last for the client. For the first application, adding an initial aftercare set into the package to add value to the client. Stock a couple of each item in-salon, and maybe consider our 1 Litre backwash items or our 5 Litre to refill client bottles if you are trying to encourage being a greener salon.

Aftercare and brushes are essential, but don’t also forget that clip in hair extensions and hair pieces work well for sales. Having just one in your retail area, helps show how it works. You could recommend for someone with a special occasion, but don’t want the commitment of permanent extensions. The advantage of buying in-salon is for help finding the perfect colour match and tailoring with blending, if necessary. Plus, we can hold the stock for you, delivering in most areas, next day for you.

Taking time to go through a thorough aftercare regime with the client will ensure they care for their hair and make the most of it, plus they will value the importance of using your salon and professional aftercare.

Ensure you have your maintenance and removal appointments booked in from the outset and also consider a deal for a wash and blow dry occasionally to help them manage their extra hair and always look their best. This has the added advantage of checking their haircare and helping pick up on any bad habits wearing extensions, so that no issues arise.

A few extra ideas
  • Run staff incentives to convert existing clients for extensions or for the retail items
  • Run a social media competition to attract new potential business
  • Keep a note of enquiries and consultations, and if you have an offer or payment plan you can share later, you could make contact again to see if they are still interested
  • Offer a loyalty scheme for your extension clients that covers their good maintenance too
  • Consider a Refer a Friend scheme for any of your clients to get a free blow dry in return for a referral
  • Contact local businesses aligned to yours for example beauty shops, gyms and bridal shops. They may be happy do some reciprocal marketing, both holding leaflets to promote each business

Setting a few realistic goals to measure the level of success for your extension service is worth doing and then monitoring over the first few months so you can tweak your activity to help you hit your targets. Take a moment to note what has worked and do more of this, as well as what hasn’t worked to make changes and achieve your goals. Always remember, the team at Remi Cachet is here to help if you need any additional support to help make more of your extension service.

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