Get social - how to get featured on our feeds

We love to see your work (and of course our hair) to repost as much as possible and we encourage all our stylists to share their work with us as much as possible. Sitting alongside work by other amazing extensionists, you are going to want to showcase your work on our platforms, as well as yours. But just how do you get your work noticed in the first place? Here’s our top tips and tricks to get our attention.

The basics

First up, let’s get a few essentials out of the way. Give us a follow on all our social media channels:

When sharing your work tag us in the picture, as well as a mention in the copy (as our feed moves so fast to catch them all we need the tags!) for Instagram. It has to be our hair or product to tag us in.

Lighting is key to get a good representation of the hair so invest in a good colour ring and set up area. Declutter the background. Make sure the gown is plain, or one of our Black or White Gowns. Do your very best to remember the before photo too as the transformations stories help show off your skills.

Scroll our feed to get more of a flavour of what we like and start to follow some of our top salons we get some more inspiration. We tend to share bright, single-framed images not montages.

It’s all the detail

We love the deets. They make our life a lot easier. Make sure you have in the copy all the details about the hair - the product, length and colour. You would not believe how many times we are asked for a colour reference and let’s face it, if you do it when you post, it’s all done!

The hashtags we love

Here’s just a few of the hashtags we track and suggest you use to identify with our brand:

  • #remicachet
  • #elegancehair
  • #luxuryhair
  • #RCGirlie
  • #LoveYourHair
  • #GorgeousHairIsAChoice

Plus any of our product names such as:

  • #superweft
  • #ultratips
  • #minitips
  • #ultratips

An extra special hashtag we created to really promote extension expertise. The finished looks always wow, but it's what's underneath that we really love to see too. Perfect sections, sub sections and placement - simply excellent extension work.

Campaigns to know
  • Keep your eyes peeled for current campaigns and opportunities. We also regularly save your work on the following categories to share later when we have a feature that works:
  • Bridal from the trials to the big day
  • Hair that lasts. We recommend our Elegance hair lasts 12months, but you guys share snaps of even older hair. Keep them coming!
  • Hair styling - plaits, updos, curls, we want to see your creativity and inspiration for wearers
  • Lengths from the 10” to 30”
  • Each of our products for a special highlight on a type of application
  • Maintenance - as we all know how essential those appointments are
  • Recycling sending back your removed extension for a good cause
Client Images - and a note of caution!

Seeing our hair in real life is what it really is all about. We all know how amazing extensions are in the hands of talented hairdressers, but back home with the #RCGirlie and how they live with their hair. Real hair for real people. When sharing your client images, and especially when they have a private account (regardless of whether you are part of their inner circle), we would recommend just dropping them a DM to get their permission to share first.

Hopefully, these few tips are helpful and if you feel you are doing everything already and still not getting noticed, then drop us a DM and we will have a little look at your feed and recent posts to give you some suggestions to help.

So what are you waiting for? Check what’s on your feed already and edit those posts to land with us. Then next time you post, remember the points above as a little guide to help you get featured. We have thousands of salons around the world and we really try our best to like and comment on as many posts as we possibly can. We implore you to keep working hard and share as much as possible and don’t be disheartened if we don’t share your work instantly. We save great images into our collections to come back to later.

If we do feature your work, we will of course tag you back in so you know you’ve been featured and it makes our day when you re-share it again!

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