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By Sarah Ingham - 29 Jun 2022

How To Choose The Best Product For Your Client

At Remi Cachet, we have an extensive range of products for your clients, but sometimes, you may struggle with where to start to choose the right hair extensions for them, so, we are here to help. We have broken down the top three things we think you need to consider to help you make the best product choice for your clients…

1. Hair/Scalp Quality

Firstly, you need to consider the health of your client’s hair and scalp to determine what products and the exact length/weight are suitable for them. This is where your Consultations and our Hair Extension Consultation Forms come in perfectly. By simply asking them to answer some questions about their general health, scalp and hair health as well as completing some questions yourself from your analysis of their hair, you should conclude what extensions are best for them and which aren’t.

An example of this being taken into consideration is from one of our amazing Super Stylists, Mark Taylor. When Mark met one of his clients initially, she had breakage from bleach and bald spots from a badly applied weft (not fitted by himself). From this analysis, the first application with Mark was with our Ultra Tips “I thought more individual bonds would be better on this occasion, giving better coverage. However, as her hair grew back and became thicker, we swapped over to Tapes. The Injection Tapes offer more coverage and as they are double-sided, they look more natural. Plus, you don’t need so many for a full head look.” Mark explains. This is such a great example of how hair/scalp quality can determine the best products for your client.

Look at how choosing the right product for the client can be so beneficial to your client.


2. Budget 

Your client’s budget is a key factor to take into consideration when choosing the perfect product for them. At Remi Cachet we currently have three ranges; Elegance, Deluxe and Luxury. These two ranges have different sourcing locations so there are some differences in the longevity and quality of the hair, more about this can be found on the "All About Remi Cachet Hair” page here. As well as this, the three ranges also have different price points so discussing their options around pricing is crucial to gauge their budget and determine the best product for them.

Another one of our Super Stylists is Alex Ferris who gives some great advice for you and your fellow stylists… “Good hair extensions are not cheap and in all my consultations I am careful to explain the investment. Working with high-quality hair that lasts longer means that the initial investment can last over 12-18 months, whereas cheaper hair will need to be replaced and ultimately cost more over this time. They also need to budget and put money aside for the maintenance. They need to understand these costs at the beginning and invest in the correct aftercare to save money in the long run. If their birthday is coming up I always recommend they ask for money to help with their hair or the gift sets of aftercare. The confidence extensions give people, you just can’t put a price on.”

woman paying at till


3. Colour, Length & Volume Choices

What your client is dreaming of for their new look will also determine the product that is best suited to them (in line with the other factors to consider, of course). As you will be aware, we have extensions methods across Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, Tape Hair ExtensionsWeft Hair Extensions and Clip-In Hair Extensions so something that does really set the tone for what is the best product for them is what they want out of hair extensions. Therefore, this is when your clients provide you with some inspiration in their consultation is super handy. Your clients showing the colour they are after, the length they are dreaming of and how much volume they want out of extensions will help you review what could be the best product for them.

When it comes to colour and length, particularly the two ranges we offer; Elegance and Luxury differ in options so you need to discuss what your client wants from hair extensions.

For example; regarding colour our Elegance range offers you more colour options to suit your client’s needs, particularly the “Special Colours” and “Light And Mixed Colours”. Do you want to know more about working with colour? Our blog post here has some more information on how you can work with Remi Cachet colours to achieve your client’s dream look.

In relation to length, an example of this is the Nano Tips; available in both Elegance and Luxury, Elegance not only offers more colour options but also more lengths, providing you with options12” and 16”.


It's also important to be mindful some extension types are only available in a certain range, for example, Elegance Injection Tape Hair.

All of these factors are just some of the considerations you need to consider when choosing the best product for your clients. Going through these factors will allow you to analyse the different options available to you and find the one that is best suited for your client. Whatever is the best option, make sure you share your client’s look using #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured on our channels.

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