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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Aug 2021

Perfecting Your Consultation

Time in a hair consultation is time you invest in your business to attract new clients and even if you are changing for this service, here’s our top tips to perfecting your consultation to make the most of the time and converting the enquiry into a new loyal client.

When booking

It may be worth checking a few things to avoid time wasters such as if they want a specific application method or something you don’t offer.

Once booked, ask them to bring a couple of images of what they like, and to come to the appointment with their hair styled how they like to wear it most of the time.

If having the hair extensions are part of their bridal hair, you may need to know more about the wedding dress and head wear such as tiara, to consider placement. If you are not doing the hair on the big day, potentially you need to understand what style they are looking for here too, so ask for them to bring this to the consultation too.

Be prepared yourself

Is your space right for holding your consultations? A private area ensures your conversation is not overheard and will make your guest feel comfortable discussing their medical details. This is really important for Muslim ladies to remove their hijab in private. Likewise, good light for colour matching is important and day light is preferable.

Have your tools ready and to hand so you do not have to break off: Section clips, pintail comb, consultation pad and working pen, colour rings, tape measure, calculator for pricing, aftercare leaflets and your diary or access to your software to book appointments.

Have a few extra items to hand such as our Hair Sample Pack to show the different bond options as well as examples of your application work are great to have ready.

Meeting up

Ensure your time is not disturbed to concentrate on your guest and make them feel welcome and at ease, so they open up to you. The Consultation Form is only a guide of the questions you need to ask, so keep good eye contact and listen to their answers to be able to read their body language and ask more probing questions when you need more information.

Thoroughly check their hair and scalp, for the condition and potential areas that may need treatment before application to give the hair the best chance. It’s also worth considering the age of some clients with hormonal changes and gym bunnies, who may sweat more, and therefore check the nape of the neck area for greasier roots.

For colour matching, make sure you have the right ring for the range and product you are looking at. For the Elegance range, we recommend our Super Ring to make life easier with a wider colour swatch.

Don’t forget to ask for their prepared items too for an insight into their hair goals. We caught up with Super Stylist, Ashleigh Stewart of ASH Hair Studio in Edinburgh, about her typical consultations where clients want to replicate an influencer or celebrity Instagram image and it can sometimes be unrealistic. She shares her advice:

“The most sought-after look girls want is probably a Glaswegian influencer Abbie Blyth for her cool blonde and money piece. It’s difficult for clients to appreciate that the images they see online showing a celebrity or influencer effortlessly changing their colour, seemingly in one step, is real and also that the colour may not really look like that after editing and filters.

The consultation is an extremely important process to talk to the client and come up with a plan that will work. Essentially, it is to find out about their work and lifestyle, to know how the client likes to wear their hair and also what they want to do with it, which will help decide on the best method, and if they are suitable for extensions at all. If they don’t have the time to care for the hair, this will only cause issues later down the line.

When looking at the colour, we talk them through how to achieve the colour safely and to reflect the tones that will work best for them and take inspiration from their original photograph. An issue I find with many girls’ own hair is that it is broken around the front and also, that their own hair naturally picks up a lot of warmth in this area, and not the cool tones they want to achieve.

They need to understand the financial costs involved after the initial outlay to keep their hair maintained and make the look last longer. From the regular refit appointments, home care kits of aftercare and brushes, to the additional in-house toner services and toning shampoos to keep that cool ash blonde, it all adds up and they need to consider if it is an affordable style they want to create.”

Follow Up

Armed with your quote, full aftercare information, and having seen your expertise you would hope they would sign up straight away. Don’t fret if they have a little wobble as this is a big commitment and big expense to many. Follow up with additional information such as a link to your website with aftercare details, frequently asked questions or any payment plans you offer. Your experience and working with a reputable hair brand, should shine through to reassure them.

We tend to think of consultations for the first time you meet, but it’s really good to keep your consultation forms safe and updated, for example with any changes to medication or personal circumstances. You might already know this from their time in the chair, but it’s worth doing this properly and also seeing if they want a change to their look at all as a more regular process for your clients. Your good loyal clients will appreciate the extra care and attention from a consultation and is always a good use of your time.

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