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By Sarah Ingham - 02 Mar 2022

All About Remi Cachet Hair

Are you wanting to know all about our hair at Remi Cachet? We are here to help with everything you need to know from the sourcing & selection to the differences between our Elegance, Deluxe and Luxury ranges.


At Remi Cachet, our hair is sourced from a number of areas and this differs across ranges. Our hair is mainly sourced from the southern regions of Russia & Mongolia but you will find some of our ranges are sourced from China.

Overall, we pay at or above the market value for all of our unprocessed human hair braids from those that are choosing to donate their hair of their own free will.

Once the hair arrives at our factory the hair is checked to ensure that it is still braided which helps us ensure the cuticles are all still aligned. Further quality inspections are then carried out on each braid singularly to ensure that the virgin hair is clean, strong, and meets our strict quality specifications.


Throughout the process of sourcing, selection, processing, and production we carry out several quality control measures to ensure that the hair meets our high standards and specifications. These quality control inspections check every detail of the hair which includes conducting friction tests as well as many other types.

A batch number is also added to every packet so that we can trace the hair if a problem ever occurs.

Once the shipment is at our warehouse, the hair is checked again by our internal team to make sure no issues have slipped through the previous quality checks. This also allows us to review if all specifications have been fully met and that all colours, lengths, weights, and packaging are correct.



Elegance was the first range of hair from Remi Cachet which was introduced in 2013 and is well known for being high quality, double drawn premium Remy hair. 

Overall the range is: 

  • Made with 100% human hair that is sourced from the Southern regions of Russia and Mongolian so it is very smooth and very straight.
  • Available in 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24".
  • Has an option of over 50 colours. 
  • With a proper aftercare routine and maintenance performed by a professional, we suggest that this hair can last up to and around 12 months, but we often hear how people have had the same hair for much longer. 

Our Elegance hair is our premium range and if you want to invest in hair that will last a long time Elegance could be your best option, if compatible with your client’s hair.


Our Deluxe range is our newest range which is “the next best thing” to our Elegance range. This double-drawn Remy, mid-ratio range means that the hair that makes up the product is made with varying lengths, compared to our Elegance range which has a higher ratio of longer lengths. The purpose of this range is to be close to the quality of Elegance hair but with a more affordable price range for your clients.

Overall the range is...

  • Made from 100% Chinese human hair so is smooth and straight.
  • Available in 18” and 22” lengths.
  • Has an option of 26 Elegance colours so you can use the choice of Elegance Colour Rings for this new range.
  • Can last approximately 9 months with the correct and recommended aftercare.


    Our Luxury hair is designed to be great, with a good life span without the premium price of our Elegance range. Our Luxury hair is Remy hair that has a natural ratio which means that it has a natural thickness from root to tip, so it tapers to a natural look. 

    Overall the range is... 

    • Made with 100% human hair sourced from China.
    • Available in 18", 22" and 30". 
    • Has an option of over 20 colours.
    • With proper aftercare and maintenance this range can last around 6 to 9 months. 


    Here are just some of our favourite looks we have been tagged in by stylists, like you, working with our hair... 



     Shop Elegance Ultra Tips®



    Shop Elegance Super Weft



    Shop Elegance Injection Tape®




    Shop Deluxe Smart Tape



    Shop Deluxe Nano Tips



    Shop Deluxe Full Weft




    Shop Luxury Nano Tips 






    Shop Luxury Wefts


    Hopefully, we have answered all your questions regarding Remi Cachet hair. If not, feel free to contact us where one of the team will be happy to help. Head over to our Instagram to see more of our hair being styled and don’t forget, if you are styling our hair #shareyourhair.

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