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By Sarah Ingham - 11 Nov 2021

All you need to know about our Colour Rings

Once your trade account is open, your first purchase is bound to be a colour ring in setting up your hair extension business. But which ring do you go for? 

We have three ranges of hair, Elegance, Deluxe and Luxury, and they each have a different colour ring. We have a standard ring for each which covers that range completely. So for example, the Elegance Standard Ring has all the dark, light and mixed as well as the special colours. See all the colours here.

TOP TIP: Colours with a P means Piano so the hair is mixed creating a piano stripe. However, online the P letter is not used, for example P7/20 on the ring will be 7/20 on our store.

Colours with a DD means Dip Dye with half the hair length one colour.

Colours with a T means Root Stretch with the top 2-3” being the first colour. 

However, the Elegance range also offers a Super Ring. This is quite simply super sized! Each swatch is 6 cm wide and makes colour matching so much easier with more hair.

It also gets turned into hair walls all over the country, with stylists creating their own colour charts on the salon walls. They really make a great feature and something to help get the conversations started with your clients about hair extensions. 


Whichever colour ring you go for, don’t forget to share it on social media to show off your extension business and promote your consultations. 


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The hair swatches on the colour rings are made from the same hair as the range they represent. So it’s important to take good care of them, keeping them safe and occasionally cleaning them to keep them looking their best for consultations, and maybe a-once-over with the straighteners. Here’s three more tips to take care of your colour rings.

  1. Reduce handling as oil and dirt will pass onto the hair. 
  2. Reduce exposure to light that fades the colours. If you're looking to do a hair wall try to position it away from a window.
  3. Keep it safe, not only will this mean you can grab it straight away for a consultation (and not wondering where you last had it!) but will help point 1 with stray hands touching it.

It’s worth remembering that each batch takes the colour slightly differently as a natural product and so you may experience a slight variation in colour between your ring and the hair you order. If you have any concerns when you receive the hair, then please get in touch or return the hair. 

Even if you have an old colour ring, we do recommend re-investing in a new ring every couple of years. This is an investment in your extension business to help colour matching and promoting the service. Not only may you be missing any new colours, but the colours may have faded and a new ring will make your work easier.

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