All you need to know about our Micro Tapes

Shorter hairstyles are everywhere as we come out of lockdown and try to simplify our lives. Think Chrissy Teigen, Mila Kunis and Khloe Kardashian to name just a few celebs who have gone for the chop. The secret to helping to keep the shape and add volume to the style, are extensions. Our Micro Tapes will give you that discreet little boost your hair needs.

What's different about our Micro Tapes?

As the name suggests, the tapes are super small, micro even. Each top is only 2cm width so are very discreet in your hair and work well with very fine hair and especially around the hairline. Our Injection Tape, for example, are 4cm width tops. It’s also available in our shortest hair length of 10″ so it’s the right length for those bobs and lobs.

The hair is your favourite Elegance Range so you know the quality and that the hair will last at least 12 months with good aftercare. Sourced ethically from Southern Russia and Mongolia, gently produced and hand-selected to ensure the very best quality double-drawn Human Hair extensions. This also gives you a choice of over 50 beautiful shades to choose from, including the popular Root Stretch shades.

The bond is a polyurethane tape top, similarly to our popular Injection Tapes. Cleverly,  the tops are colour matched to the hair colour and the hair is embedded into the top to mimic the hair direction to ensure that they appear seamless in your hair.

How to use them

Get the look: Meg (front cover) wears 30 pieces of Micro Tapes in colour 9/613 Light Ash Brown/Blonde.

  • Model: Meg Murray
  • Hair: Victoria Lynch
  • MUA: Vicky Hedley
  • Styling: Katy Quinn


For a little inspiration on how to use them, our brand creator Victoria Lynch explains:

“Having the Micro Tapes in our collection of extensions gives stylists even more creativity instantly. With the tabs being so small and seamless, they work best as face framers and side fillers. They also work well in conjunction with other products such as our half wefts, with the tapes filling out the sides.”

She adds

“Being lightweight, these Micro Tapes will work well for those with damaged hair from breakage from bleach or too much heat damage, allowing the hair to recover and grow again whilst still looking good.”

Find a Stylist near you to discover more about Remi Cachet hair extensions and to book a consultation for your hair extensions.

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