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By Sarah Ingham - 08 Jun 2022

The Hottest 2022 Hair Colours

Can you believe we are now over halfway through 2022?! Crazy! So it’s the perfect time for us to take a look at the colours we think here a Remi Cachet has been the hottest of the year so far. We have looked at the colour trends across celebrities and influencers that would have certainly inspired your client’s choices as well as the looks we have noticed that are very popular in our tagged photo. Here are our Top 3 Hottest 2022 Hair Colours (so far)...

Copper Red

Starting off with the stunning copper red shade that certainly made an impact when Kendall Jenner styled this beautifully back in March. It’s not just Kendall but Euphoria favourites Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney that are also some of the big names to be styling this colour this year.

This also made an impact on our tagged photos with regular features from your fellow stylists specifically using our colour 30 to create this look…


Get ready for those clients requesting this gorgeous shade and buy colour 30 today here.

 Louis Vuitton Brown

This year so far it’s been all about “Louis Vuitton Brown”. We discussed this to be one of the trends we expect to see in our journal post earlier this year "5 Hair Trends We Expect To See In Spring" and we were so right about it (yay). Including the likes of Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss,we have also seen other stars showing off their looks with this glamorous shade including Priyanka Chopra, Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez.

This style has been a regular feature on our feeds with colours 4 and 5

Grab your colours 4 & 5 now.

Sunkissed Blonde 

Certainly one of our most popular looks is blonde but it doesn’t just stop at this.

As you will know this year many different types of blonde have been trending, one month it was “Mushroom Blonde”, the next it was all about “Platinum” but recently our attention has been on “Sunkissed Blonde”. Sunkissed Blonde is quite simply a colour that looks like it was kissed by the sun, a solid base colour with hints of lighter shades of blonde. What’s better than Sunkissed Blonde? Not having to touch one bit of bleach for your clients, of course. With up to 76 colours to choose from you can create this look with our variety of extensions with our extensive range of colours. Do you want to know more about this? Check out our previous blog about Colour Work to give you more information on how this can be done.

With Sunkissed Blonde already making an impact, we expect this to get bigger and bigger with summer coming up… it's the perfect summer look for your clients. They may just be joining the list of people rocking this look including Jessica Alba, Chrishell Stause and Lucinda Strafford.

The options you have to create this look are truly limitless. Here is how your fellow stylists are giving their clients the colour that is bound to be the colour of summer…


Start shopping your colours,T4-8/613, T8-16/608/613 and 7/20.


What look will your clients be going for this summer? Whatever they choose make sure you tag us in your posts on Instagram using #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured on our channels.

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