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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Mar 2024

Our Brand Ambassador 2024 Hair Predictions

With 2024 now in full swing, we sat down with our wonderful Brand AmbassadorsAlex Ferris, Stephen Hopper and Christopher Laird to discuss what trends they are expecting to see throughout the rest of the year…

brand ambassador


Alex Ferris - AF Hair Extensions

Alex Ferris

“A lot more people are realising that they can have hair extensions for thickness and volume” is a change in people’s perception of hair extensions that Alex thinks is going to make an impact in 2024. Specifically looking at your clients with shorter hair, Alex further explains “Previously, people have assumed that with hair extensions you have to have long mermaid hair. However, that’s not the case, clients can just come for some side fillers and have a bit of body if they have got a bob, they can just have a few hair extensions to fill out the look”.

We took a look at where some of your clients may be looking for their 2024 hair inspiration and found that 2024 may just be all about the bob with Glamour Magazine explaining that “the classic hairstyle has had almost 7 billion hits on TikTok and for 2024, bob haircuts will still be leading the trends and recruiting more disciples.”

So, whether your clients are inspired to go for the bob in 2024 or are already styling the chic look, make sure they know that hair extensions can be a great option.

Alex’s answer for these clients? Tape.

“If your clients want a lot of thickness and volume to their bob, I would offer Tape because that gives you a lot of hair to create a really nice full look.”

This is shown beautifully in looks created by Alex using our Elegance Injection Tape Hair...

Wearing colours T5-55 & T5-7/20


Wearing colours T7-55/60 & T4-8/613


Stephen Hopper - SH! Hair

Stephen Hopper

Heading in a slightly different direction to Alex, Stephen predicts that “everyone is going to be going back long. There’s been a stage where everyone was going shorter and shorter but I have started to see a lot of celebrities going longer again”. It’s not just Stephen thinking this with Hairdressers Journal highlighting "Rapunzel Waves" as one of the “5 Hairstyles Set To Take Salons By Storm In 2024”...“In terms of celeb trends, we’re seeing a rise in ultra-long wavy hair.”

Our hair extensions range from 10" to 30", giving you lots of options to give your client a Rapunzel look just just like Stephen did for his recent client using 24" Ultra Tips... stunning.

 Wearing colours T4-8/613T5-9/613 and T5/20


In regards to colour, Stephen thinks 2024 is all about “progression into reds” with Vogue also discussing that “red hair was huge in 2023” in their “The 6 Biggest Hair Colour Trends For 2024 article. Professional colourists Matt Rez and Jenna Perryexplain “that we’re bound to see more of it in the new year” further discussing “You can go for a deep crimson like Lipa or go for a more natural subtle auburn as seen on Fahy”... Due Lipa and Meghann Fahy are the ultimate red hair inspirations that your clients may be looking at.

What red looks do you think your clients will be requesting this year? Will it be a bold red like the look Stephen created using colour 530 or more an Auburn vibe like the look he created using colour 30?

 Wearing colour 530


 Wearing colour 30


Christopher Laird - November Collective

Christopher Laird

“Versatlilty” is the key prediction from Christopher Laird from 2024. Explaining further, Christopher says “Clients really want to have that versatility… people are chopping their hair right off, people are going super long, they really want to be able to change up their styling for going out of if it’s for a specific event. I think we are going to see a lot of people that want that natural day-to-day look for a chilled vibe for the week but then they want to change it up at the weekend or through the summer months. So, I think we are going to see a lot of different changes throughout the year, people are going to want to change their hair a lot.”

A look we think is perfect for the “versatile” look Christopher describes is a midi look. Again, a magazine where a lot of your clients will be looking for some inspiration for a new look, Glamour Magazine describe the “Modern Midi” as one that “offers the best of both worlds; short enough to feel fresh and styled but long enough to give versatility”... a great option for clients that are wanting as Christopher describes “natural day-to-day look for a chilled vibe for the week but then they want to change it up at the weekend.”

At November Collective, the salon that Christopher co-owns, @rhyschiwarahair_created this stunning midi look...

Wearing 18" Elegance Injection Tape in colours 55 and 9/613


Or, if your clients want to switch it up on special occasions, why not discuss our stunning collection of Clip Ins and Hair Pieces? This collection is perfect for clients who are after a temporary way to make their hair that little bit longer, add an uplift in volume or a have a brand new style temporarily. And just like our other hair extensions, they are designed to blend with their natural hair. Our clip-ins and hair pieces are available in an array of lengths and shades so you are bound to find that perfect match for your client.

The number of stunning looks Christopher has created using our collection of hair pieces and clip ins are truly endless…

We especially love this look he created recently for the BAFTAS Nominees Party for Charli Howard...

Wearing 24" Clip In Deluxe Plus in colour T2-4/8


Then, throwing it back to Christmas 2023, where Christopher created this stunning transformation...


Wearing 20" Clip In Deluxe in colour 2


What do you think will be trending in 2024? We can’t wait to see what gorgeous looks you create this year. Don't forget to also share us in your work using #RemiCachet and #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured. Also, make sure to stay tuned on our Instagram for more trends on the feed.

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