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By Sarah Ingham - 25 May 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Retipping

If you have some questions regarding retipping your client's hair extensions we have you covered. From learning about retipping extensions such as Mini Tips to retaping your client's Tape In Hair extensions, we have everything you need to know…

Why Should I Retip?

To ensure you are getting the most out of the entire life expectancy of our hair, you may need to retip. The bond can break down due to wear and tear before the hair actually needs replacing.

When Should I Retip?

When it comes to retipping your client’s hair extensions, the time to do this is when the bond looks like it no longer represents what it was previously.

Exactly when this will be, does depend on the method. With Mini Tips and Nano Tips for example, there can usually be two or three applications before retipping, with one or two applications before the need to retip Stick Tips or other similar products. This timeframe can also be reflected by the way in which the client has looked after the extensions, as well as what products have been used on the bonded areas.

Whereas, with Flat Tips and Nail Tips due to the type of extension method, this would be required on the following application.

How Do I Retip?

It’s important to retip the hair extensions as soon as possible after you notice the first signs of breakdown. Always make sure you don’t wait until the bond is almost gone as this will make it too far gone to fix it.

Below are the different extension methods with the different products you might need for retipping.

Mini Tips- Memory Glue Granules are made from a firm flexible adhesive which is more suitable to be used to create bonds for ring application methods that are moldable to the ring. Please note: this glue has a high melting point but can be melted using Heat Connectors or a glue hot pot.

Nail TipsKeratin Re-Bonds are made using a Chinese adhesive and specifically work best for retipping our Nail Tips. Alternatively you can use Italian Keratin Plus Bonds

Stick TipsKeratin Glue Granules are made using a Chinese based adhesive and can be used for a variety of application methods, including our Stick Tips. Please note: the glue can be melted using Heat Connectors or a glue hot pot. Alternatively you can use Italian Keratin Bonds

Flat TipsItalian Keratin Plus Bonds are a strong adhesive that is ideal for re-tipping or re-applying our Flat Tips. Please note: this can be used with a Heat Connector or hot pot to form a new bond.

In any circumstance, you can choose whichever adhesive you prefer, and re-tip your product at your own discretion.

Don’t forget, for all methods make sure you have our Finger Pads handy to ensure a safe process and to keep you protected.

Specifically looking at Mini Tips, our Super Stylist @helenrichardson_thesalon shows us how she retips some Mini Tips extensions. This is definitely worth a watch to understand this process further…


When Should I Retape Tape In Hair Extensions?

Our advice at Remi Cachet is to retape our Tape Hair Extensions between 10 - 12 weeks or at every maintenance appointment, as this is approximately how long our Tape Tabs will keep the extensions in place and they cant be reused.

How Do I Retape?

For the reapplication of Tapes Hair Extensions, Tape Tabs are the perfect blend of strength and minimal residue that are precut and easy to apply. As mentioned, they keep the extension in place for approximately 10-12 weeks whilst also making the tape removal process fast and clean.

More recently, we have introduced Better Tape Tabs to our collection of adhesives. Available as a single pack or bulk pack they are a double-sided adhesive backed with “Clear Acetate” allowing you to apply the tape hair quicker, meaning even less time in the chair for your clients. These are also pre-cut, easily applied and keep the hair extensions in place for 10-12 weeks, the smaller grips on the tabs allow the adhesive to hold better compared to our Tape Tabs, giving you and your clients even more confidence.When it comes to removal, this also couldn’t be easier for you as the Better Tape Tabs come off in one strip. When removed with your favourite hair extension remover, the tabs leave little to no residue, resulting in a cleaner removal process for you and your clients. 

The Better Tape Tabs can be used with our Elegance Injection Tape, Deluxe Smart Tape and Luxury Tape Hair


We also recommend using C-22 Solvent Spray Tape Remover to release the tapes, making for easier removal.

The Process Of Retaping

      • Gently peel the Tape Hair from the sticky Tape Tab, leaving the tape in the client's hair.
      • To remove the tape left behind apply C-22 tape remover which helps lubricate the tape without tension.
      • Next, gently remove the tape from the hair.
      • Comb out any leftover residue in the hair using our Pin Tail Comb.
      • Wash and clean the client's hair thoroughly.
      • Apply alcohol to the tape area of the Tape Hair, allowing some time for the tab to dry. Alcohol can also be used as a final clean on the clients hair, to remove any residue after washing.
      • Apply a new tape tab ready for the next application.

Retipping As A Service

Something to note is that retipping can also be offered as a separate service. So, if you are short of time to do this yourself, you have an opportunity to look into local retipping services to help you with this and save you time within your appointments.

Any questions? Contact us where one of our team will be happy to help. Also, make sure you tag us on Instagram with your client's looks for a chance to be featured using #ShareYourHair.

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