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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Nov 2021

All You Need To Know About Our Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are a hugely popular method to add volume quickly. Here at Remi Cachet, we have a choice of Wefts for all your clients needs. To those that are after a boost of volume through to those who are dreaming of a long mermaid mane, you can find your clients perfect match.

So, where to start? Let us take you through everything you really need to know about Wefts and make this your new favourite hair extension method to use. 


We have wefts across all of our Elegance, Deluxe and Luxury hair ranges. Here is where there are a couple of factors to consider which will help you decide on your choice. Theses factors include length, colour, weight (or hair volume) as well as price.

Overall, our Elegance range has more options for length, colour and weight and the range can last up to 12 months with good aftercare. Here is an example of what they look like in real life:


Whilst our Elegance range starts at a 12” length weft, for those who are after a Rapunzel mane then our show stopping 30” Luxury Weft is perfect!

One of biggest confusions we have at Remi Cachet is about our Half Wefts. Something to note is these are half the weight and not half the width of our Full Wefts. These can be added easily for those wanting to achieve a more voluminous look or to add in a mix of colour to their look.

Our IGTV's from our founder, Victoria Lynch talks you through our ranges of wefts. These are great to find out some more information:

Meet Our Elegance Wefts 


Meet Our Deluxe Wefts

Our Deluxe range is our newest range which is “the next best thing” to our Elegance range. This double-drawn, mid-ratio range means that the hair that makes up the product is made with varying lengths, compared to our Elegance range which has a higher ratio of longer lengths. Overall, the purpose of this range is to be close to the quality of Elegance hair but with a more affordable price range for your clients.

  • Made from 100% Chinese human hair so is very smooth and very straight
  • Available in 18” and 22” lengths
  • Has an option of 31 Elegance colours so you can use the choice of Elegance Colour Rings for this new range.
  • Can last between from 6 months up to 9 months with the correct and recommended aftercare.

The Deluxe Wefts is perfect if you are looking for additional volume for your client’s hair or want to add a mix of colours to their look. 

Deluxe Full Weft
  • 18" - 120g
  • 22" - 120g
Deluxe Half Flat Weft
  • 18" - 60g
  • 22" - 60g

Meet our Luxury Range


From our Elegance range the weft tops are our unique flat top which lies discreetly to the head and combines lace, adhesive, and stitching to avoid return hair and to keep the weft shed free.

With our Deluxe range, due to the wefts using the more traditional machine top weft with return hair, a variety of application methods can be used.

With the Luxury range, the wefts use the more traditional machine top weft with return hair. 


The method we recommend at Remi Cachet is the Hollywood Weave. This method combines micro ring locks and sewing to safely and securely hold the weft in place. This is not only easy maintenance but it also reduces tension, allowing for natural hair growth in the right direction. 

The stitching is also neatly tucked under the weft top so there is no snagging and no bagging of the weft.

Other application methods can be used, with lots of different names, so ensure you check directly before training in a method or if you are looking to have a weft applied, checking this at the consultation. 


Depending on how quickly your hair grows, the weft should be refitted every 6-8 weeks. Below, Emily Jane Hair shows an example of healthy regrowth of a weft before removing and brushing away any shed hair strands, and re-applying the bonds and weft back up the hair. The Hollywood Weave method makes maintenance appointments very quick and easy, it’s a real plus for both the stylist and extension wearer. 



For the removal process, the thread is simply snipped and the thread is unpicked with the micro rings released. Hair is then brushed to remove any trapped hair before washing. With good application and home care, there should be no damage to the natural hair and this should be left healthy.

TOP TIP: Hair Up? No problem! A U can be shaped on the weft fitting so the client can wear their hair up without it showing.

If you are interested in wefts, you might also like to check out our Twin Tabs which is a cross between a weft and tape hair.

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