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By Sarah Ingham - 15 Mar 2024

A Conversation With... Alex Ferris

At the start of 2024, we sat down with one of our wonderful Brand Ambassadors, Alex Ferris to chat all things hair extensions, her work with Remi Cachet, what she advises fellow stylists and her exciting year ahead…

Alex Ferris


“Tell Us A Bit About You, Your Background And How You Started In Hair Extensions…”

“I’m Alex Ferris, owner of AF Hair Extensions and I am based in Thornton, Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

I have been a hairdresser for approximately twenty years and after doing that for about ten years I decided that I wanted to stop all other hairdressing services and I wanted to just solely focus on hair extensions. I didn’t want to be doing little bits of each thing, I just wanted to be a master at one thing and hair extensions are my passion so from there I just solely threw myself into that.”


“How Long Have You Been Working With Remi Cachet?” 

“I have been working with Remi Cachet for around seven/eight years. 

I did a lot of Googling when I was looking for a brand to work with and there were a lot of good reviews for Remi Cachet so I invested in a colour ring and I thought there was a really good colour range. 

Remi Cachet also offers many different methods I am qualified in and was also doing at the time, so that was very important for me, for a brand to offer me the methods I work with. 

I would say though the biggest thing that made me choose Remi Cachet was when I phoned up to discuss the possibility of opening an account, I thought the customer service was absolutely incredible and the team were so helpful. For me, customer service is a big thing, it’s as big for me as the quality of the hair, so, this helped me make my decision.”


"Thinking Back To Getting Started In Hair Extensions What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self And Is There Anything You Would Have Done Differently?"

"I would have gotten into doing hair extensions a lot sooner, given up doing all other hairdressing services sooner, just to concentrate on hair extensions. But, when I told people; family, friends, and other professionals that that is what I wanted to do they said 'Alex, there is no way you’re going to be able to fill your appointments back to back, day in day out with just extension clients, there is just not enough clients out there.' But, they were wrong and they definitely are enough because I took the plunge and I did it. I just wish I had done it sooner." 


"What Is Your Favourite Thing About The Brand That Helps You In Your Business And With Your Clients?"

"I would say my favourite things are the vast colour range and the amount of methods Remi Cachet has to offer. The Wefts, Ultra Tips, Mini Tips, Pro Tips… there is literally a method out there for everybody."


"We Would Love To Know Your Favourite Products From The Remi Cachet Range And Why?"

"My favourite products have to be the Nano Weft and Ultra Tips

I think the Ultra Tips are so versatile and really comfortable for any client. Ultra Tips are usually my go-to when somebody has never had hair extensions before because I think they are just so comfortable from day one. 

I love the Nano Wefts because of the way you can layer them up and stack different colours to customise to the client. They are also so small and discreet, which I love."


 "What Would You Tell Another Stylist Who Is Looking To Add New Services And Try Out New Products?"

"I would advise them to do the training, get the qualification under your belt and just go for it. Practice day in, day out, practice makes perfect. It will bring you more clients the more services you can offer so go for it."


"What Does A Stylist Need To Think About When Choosing A Hair Extension Brand?"

"For me, customer service is a huge part of it, I think if there is a problem, you need to have a good relationship with the brand you are working with to be able to feel comfortable enough to ring up and discuss that. 

Also, they need to make sure there are enough colours from the brand to suit their clients as well as the methods available that they are trained in."


"What Is The Most Important Factor For You To Consider When Choosing A Brand When Considering Your Clients?"

"The methods that the brand offers are an important factor for me. I make sure that the brand offers methods that cover my clientele so I can cater to their needs."


"What Is The Most Common Question Asked By Your Clients When Discussing The Best Options For Their Hair?"

"My clients always ask the question “Will this method damage my hair?”. My reply to this always incorporates me explaining to them that is what their consultation is for… so that I can check their head, your hair density and what their desired look is, if that look is achievable and then I discuss with them what their safest method is for them to achieve that look that they are wanting. 

I will also always explain that I can fit the hair extensions correctly but once the client has left the salon, they must follow the correct aftercare and come back for their maintenance on time."


"So, As You Know, Aftercare Is So Important, How Do Educate Your Clients On This?"

"All of my clients get given “The Bible” at the consultation which is a little booklet that I have made myself so they have no excuses. All of the aftercare is there, all the questions that they are going to ask; the answers are in there of what aftercare to use, how to look after the hair, how to brush the hair, how to sleep with it, things they can and cannot do and I explain how they need to come back for their maintenance on time."


"What Are Your Top Tips For Running Your Business In 2024? Do You Have Any Handy Hacks That You Rely On In Your Day To Day?"

"I would always respect that the client is as busy as you are… show up on time, stick to scheduled appointments, and don’t be cancelling them.

I also always think its nice at the end of a service to style the hair for the client, I always throw that in with the cost, for example, if they want it curled for going out that night."


"What Marketing Do You Do That Helps Attract New Clients?"

I do a lot of Social Media…making reels, and taking a lot of before and after images to show big transitions. I will also take pictures of clients who have been with me for a couple of years to show how their hair has transformed. For example, it may have been in a bob when they first started having hair extensions and now it has grown really long and healthy.


"Where Do You Get Most Of Your New Clients From?"

"I would say that most of my clients come from word of mouth from existing clients. Also, my Instagram definitely brings me a lot of new clients."


"You Were Announced As One Of The First-Ever Brand Ambassadors Last Year, How Did It Feel To Get This Acknowledgement Having Worked With The Brand For Many years?"

"I feel like it is such an achievement. When I first started with Remi Cachet I can remember after working with the brand for a year, I just fell in love with everything about the brand. I even remember emailing a member of the team asking 'What does it take for me to become a Super Stylist? I want to be a Super Stylist!' I didn’t realise it was invitation-only, I thought I could apply for it. But it just shows perseverance and practice and it has really paid off because I have been recognised and I was made a Super Stylist a few years ago and now I have been asked to be a Brand Ambassador."


"What Are You Most Looking Forward To About Being A Brand Ambassador This Year?"

"I’m looking forward to all of the exciting things we have got to come, I know we are going to be going on some trips and in June for the Remi Cachet Summer Ball And Awards, I am one of the judges so I am really looking forward to that. Plus, just working with the brand as a whole particularly all of the new products on their way."


"What Are You Most Looking Forward To It 2024? And Have You Got Any Exciting Things Coming Up?"

"I’m looking forward to everything to come with working with Remi Cachet as a brand ambassador and I can’t wait for everything that’s to come with that."


A big thank you to Alex for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us and chat all things hair!

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