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By Sarah Ingham - 19 Jul 2023

2023 Festival Hair Trends

With festival season now in full swing you may have a few clients in your chair requesting festival styles! If you are after some inspiration for this type of appointment, we’ve got you covered. We have done our research and come up with the top three looks we believe are going to be trending this festival season…

1. Baby Braids

So simple, but so effective. Baby Braids, also known as “Mini Braids' are on Hairdressers Journal's list of “6 TikTok Trending Festival Hairstyles Of 2023”. The leading magazine predicts that this will be one of the top looks they expect to “see gracing the fields this season”, further explaining “Now boasting around 58 million views on TikTok, baby braids are on the grow. If clients are wanting to let their hair down but don’t want to deal with windswept strands getting in their way, baby braids that frame the face are a hybrid option.”

Finished off with a look tailored to them for the rest of their hair; whether it’s waves, straight or voluminous curls, baby braids could be the minimal statement your clients want…

A gorgeous example of this look is by @hairloft_byjasoncasey...

The client is wearing Nano Tips in colour 2/8.

The products you need for “Baby Braids” at Remi Cachet:


2. Waves For Days


Described as being perfect “for those clients who don’t like updos”, Prohair describes “Mermaid Waves” “as an effortless, textured style that can look incredibly chic when paired with a cowboy hat”... so if your clients have an accessory such as the ever-so-popular cowboy hat, maybe this could be the perfect trend for them.

It’s not just Prohair listing waves as a hit for this year’s festival season but it also features on the list of Latest Hairstyles' 28 Incredible Festival Hairstyle Ideas Trending In 2023. The magazine partners with salons, stylists and other experts around the world, and showcases today’s latest hairstyles. So, this may not just be a source for you to refer to for inspiration but one to bear in mind as one that your clients may be looking at for inspiration for their appointments.

The magazine also highlights this is a great one to pair with Baby Braids discussed earlier. Could this be a perfect combination for your clients?

@roxanarosuu chose the gorgeous waves look for her recent festival look…

Wearing Wefts and Ultra Tips round the sides in shade 1B, fitted by @alexfhairextensions.

The products you need for “Waves For Days” at Remi Cachet:


3.) Side Braid

Another one from Latest Hairstylesis Side Braids.The magazine highlights this as a look that specifically works with bangs, although this is optional as we believe the side braid looks great either way and is sure to be a hit this festival season.

The look is also sure to make an impact due to its versatility. With a variety of braid types and the option to accessorise the look in several ways such as with ribbons, clips etc, you can really make this look your client’s own for them.

@hairandbeautybyabigail_got this trend spot on for her client, creating this stunning look...

The client is wearing four Half Wefts in colours 9/55 T5/55 & 55.Fitted by @thesalonbyal

The products you need for “Side Braids” at Remi Cachet:


We can’t wait to see the stunning looks you create for 2023 festival season. Don't forget to also share us in your work on Instagram using #RemiCachet and #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured.

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