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By Sarah Ingham - 06 Jun 2021

The ultimate guide to choosing the right hair extension application method

We all know the benefits to wearing hair extensions, and if you are new to this, then all the different application methods can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through what you really need to know for your first time, and what you need to consider so you are ahead of the game when you walk into your consultation appointment with an extensionist.

For that instant hair fix. No commitment.

The must-have Clip-ins are great for those who are not after the maintenance and commitment of more permanent extensions and to try how the extra hair feels in their hair. They are also widely used to boost your look for special occasion events such as bridal hair as they are so versatile to add more hair into an updo, so the stylist has more hair to play with and create something more impactful for the big day.

Clip-ins are the go-to hair accessory that has seen client’s through lockdown recently and for the short periods between hair appointments when they have missed their regular extensions. Everyday wear of clip-ins is not recommended, as over time the clip attachments can have an impact on the attachment area. So, if you want something more permanent, look at our other options below.

Our Clip-Ins come in several pieces so that you can place them where you need them most, so for example, if you are trying a side parting, you can place the shorter width pieces to suit. To boost your ponytail, you can also wrap an individual piece around the base of your ponytail to make them thicker and longer. Another advantage of the clip-ins is that you can wash, dry and style them separately, so if you are short of time getting ready, you can pre-do your hair.

Heading into a hair salon to buy your clip in is helpful as they can colour match for you and then help fit, cut and blend the pieces to your hair so they look seamless! Stylists are also brilliant for some top tips, so you get the most from your hair.

Keep them safe and take good care of them and you will be the investment you can keep returning to.

Quick Tape and Go!

Tape hair extensions are perfect for adding just a few pieces to frame the face, add a little shape for a more impactful bob and also to hide damaged and broken hair, whilst your hair recovers. If you want to grow out a bad cut, then this might be the short term fix you need.

If you have an oily scalp and hair, tape extensions would not be suitable, and we would recommend you can look at some alternatives. Whilst suitable for all hair densities, we have a smaller width top on our Micro Tapes and different application techniques, to help be lighter for finer hair.

Application time is quick and simple, sandwiching hair between the tapes and sealing them with a specifically designed tool that clamps the tape tops to the hair. Removal needs a specifically formulated remover to help the adhesive release and then the tapes peel away.

You will need your extensions removed and refitted every 6-9 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. The hair can be reused, and your stylist will add new Tape Tabs to secure them in place for the next 6-9 weeks.

You might also like to check out the Twin Tabs, as a no-sticky-mess alternative to Tapes and they have gone down a storm with extensionists and clients.

Wonder Weaves

Weaves or as well call them, wefts,  are our most popular extension method for the pure volume of hair clients crave. We also offer a range of half wefts, so the weight of the hair is half that of the main full weft version, ideal for those with fine hair. With improved application methods, such as the Hollywood Weave or Hidden weave technique, there is less tension in the attachment and is also a really quick application method.

The Hollywood Weave method works by sewing the weft to micro rings secured directly into the hair. No braid nor glue and it also keeps the hair in a healthy natural growth direction whilst allowing the weft to lie flat to the head. Removal is equally fast, cutting the thread and unpicking the sewing, before removing the micro rings and brushing the hair through to reapply. The maintenance appointments for this method fly by.

Suitable for clients of all hair densities although a professional extensionist will determine a suitable weight weft for the density of a client’s hair. The maintenance appointment will remove the weft and replace it back up your hair. The beauty of this application is how quick it is.

Clients still hold the myth that if they wear their hair up lots for work or heading exercising, that they cannot wear a weft. This is not the case, but this detail should be established at the consultation and the extensionist can then allow for this in their placement.

See all our wefts here and watch our founder chat through our some of our different wefts in this great video:

Form a deeper bond

Pre-bonded extensions are the most versatile methods allowing extensionists to blend more colours, place the bonds exactly where they are needed and perfectly match the extension to the individual section of hair it is applied to, making them suitable for all hair types. There’s a couple of different types of single stranded extensions to consider below.

Bonds such as Flat Tips or Nail Tips can also be cut down to make smaller bonds, for fine hair and in key areas where full bonds might be more noticeable, such as around your hairline. The bond is melted with a tool, either hot or cold fusion, to be attached to your hair and shaped into either a flat or cylinder shape.

Super Stylist, Jo Fox, recently raved about why Flat Tips are her preferred method and you can watch them here on IGTV.

Application time and maintenance take more time with this application method, but the results and customisation are a real benefit. Removal again requires a specialist removal solution to help break down the bond, with plier tools breaking the bond too, to encourage the bond to slide down the hair. Trapped, shed hair will be brushed out and the extensions can be re-tipped so you can re-use the hair for the full longevity of the hair extensions, which can be at least 12 months if you care for hair from our Elegance Range. Some extensionists do not offer re-tipping, as adding a fresh bond can be fiddly but they can send the hair away for this and then re-apply them for you, and if you can’t live without extensions over this time you can opt for a Clip In.

Another pre-bonded type of extensions, often referred to as a Micro Rings, involves a section of the client’s hair being pulled through a copper ring lock. The extension strand is inserted inside the ring lock and clamped flat to hold in place. With various options for tip shape and size, as well as various locks sizes and colours, to give flexibility to the stylist to ensure that strands are matched to the client’s hair type, maintaining an equal weight ratio on the hair section they are applied.

Our Ultra Tips, for example, have a good average weight per strand depending on the length of extensions being applied which sit super flat to the scalp as they are ultra-thin and spread out across the head. For those with finer hair, the Pro Tips are a lighter, smaller version of our Ultra Tips. A combination of both Ultra and Pro Tips are perfect for clients with good hair density throughout the back and finer hair density to the sides. These also have the added advantage that if you have a mixed colour option then the extensionist can cleverly place uppermost the colour they want to shine through more.

For removal, the ring lock is simply opened back up and slid down the hair shaft, before brushing away any shed hair. The hair and Tips are reusable, so the extensionist just needs a new lock to reapply them every 6-8 weeks. Similarly, to the Hollywood Weft application method, this is a very clean and option although more time consuming than the weft method.

As a single-stranded method, you can opt for more colours and with greater movement, the bonded options here are often considered to be more natural-looking results.

We hope this guide has given you some valuable information to find the right extensions for you to start loving your hair again. So now, you know a little more, you can Find A Stylist and book in for a consultation, to discover your perfect colour match and right length and ask any more questions you have about Remi Cachet hair. When you have tried a few application methods and found the one that works for you and your hair, there really is nothing better so you can make the most of your investment in your extensions.

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