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By Sarah Ingham - 14 Jun 2021

The Best Hair Hacks you NEED to try!

We all love a hack and can watch those videos on repeat all day long. Faking it is fun, and allows you to try out a new look before and see if you suit it before you head to the hair salon. We’ve got the best ones you need to raise your hair game and save yourself some time faking a new do.

No Heat Curls

As we are being kinder to our hair and dropping the heat, add a little Miracle Mist spray whilst the hair is wet to help lock in moisture, fight frizz and help hold the curl.

Pony Club

Add more volume to your high pony by creating a second ponytail lower down, hidden by the higher one, this makes your ponytail look longer and fuller. Add a scarf as a little extra detail and to help conceal your secret.

To make your ponytail stand proud at the base, simply double up on thick hair bobbles and with a couple of bobby pins to make an ‘X’ shape at the base, to lift up the base and give a bigger impression.

Don’t forget our founder Victoria’s IGTV to create this mega long 32” pony with our 24” Weft.

Fake Fringe

Simple yet effective, and quite frankly J-Lo can pull anything off. Curls are in and if you are heading out to party this is the look to steal. Simply flip a section of hair forward and hold with a couple of discreet bobby pins. Ta-dah!

Fake Crop

Want to try putting the on-trend lob and bob before you commit the scissors to your hair. There’s no need to grab a wig, when you can cunningly either trap it in a jumper or coat and pull your hair just a little to loop it over and pull your collar right.

The ‘Hair Tuck’ is obviously a great trick reserved for the winter months and a little harder to pull off in summer! So, watch this short video with a simple way to hide your longer locks, combining a plait, low ponytail and a tuck.

It’s handy to take on a hair up look where you want to lift your hair and really show off that dress as many celebs steal for the red carpet, so we strongly recommend trying it.

The ultimate hair hack must be hair extensions themselves, instantly changing our look and our hair pieces help create these. If you invest in just one, maybe try the Clip Ins as with the separate pieces they are versatile to do worn as a full head, wrap around a ponytail or bun; and even work just one piece into that fake fringe. Making a change to how you wear your hair always gets noticed so have fun changing your style and be sure to tag us in your looks @remicachet #RCGirlie

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