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By Sarah Ingham - 06 Jul 2022

Remi Cachet Glossary 2022


Adhesive is a non-metallic substance that is also sometimes referred to as glue. This is applied to a surface(s) to bind it to something else. For example, our German Keratin Glue Granules are an example of an adhesive and are used for retipping a variety of application methods.

Aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of hair extensions and is essential to help prolong their life. Discover our guide here.



Balayage is a popular colour technique, creating highlights randomly in the hair for a more natural effect. The word translates from French to ‘to sweep’ the colour brush freehand.

Base Shades is the colour applied at the root area or all over the hair.

Bronde is a mixture of brown and blonde. These are typically combined using highlights or the balayage technique. If your clients are looking for a colour like this, we recommend either 6/22 or 4/18


Cachet (pronounced Ca-Shay) means a mark of distinction.

Chinese Hair is hair that is sourced from China. Our Luxury range is sourced from China and will give a smooth and straight look.

Clip In extensions are a type of extension method that allow a style change in minutes to give greater volume or length to the natural hair. These are easy to apply without the need for glue or special tools and can be removed when desired.

Colour Pop where a contrasting colour ‘pops’ or stands out hidden under a top layer of hair.

Consultation is a process of formally discussing. In the case of hair consultation this will be a discussion between the stylist and the client about the needs for the client and what action will be required.

Cuticle is the outer cellular level layer of hair, protecting the hair’s integrity and quality.


DD On Your Colour Ring stands for Dip Dye.

Deluxe Range is our newest range which is “the next best thing” to our Elegance range. This double-drawn, mid-ratio range means that the hair that makes up the product is made with varying lengths, compared to our Elegance range which has a higher ratio of longer lengths. Overall, the purpose of this range is to be close to the quality of Elegance hair but with a more affordable price range for your clients.

Dip Dye is a classic two-tone technique where the hair is dark at the roots with light ends.

Double Drawn refers to the hair being the same thickness from root to tip.

Draw Mat is a tool to help keep hair extensions in one place by using just one side of the mat. Some examples of how this can be used include holding the hair in place during application and blending hair colours during application. Shop our Hair Extension Draw Mat here .


Elegance Range is double drawn and produced using the finest quality 100% human hair sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. Available in Mini Tips, Flat Tips, Nano Tips, Injection Tapes and Flat Wefts.


Face Framing is a technique used to define or “frame” features that involves the hair being cut to varied lengths at the front of the face.

Flat Tips are a type of Pre-Bonded extension. These are made with an Italian keratin bond for a stronger hold.


German Keratin This manmade bond imitates how natural keratin protein works. German Keratin is normally soft to work with rings. See also Italian Keratin.


Hackling is a process at the preparation stage of Human Hair Extensions that has numerous purposes. Using a Hackle, some examples of these include mixing or blending hair in special blends of colours, removing loose hair from the extensions and untangling the hair extensions.

Hair Bun is a hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back and wrapped in a circular coil around itself. At Remi Cachet we have Human Hair Buns available for you to purchase here that are easily fitted in under 1 minute.

Haircare is a collection of our products that give you the perfect way to care for both natural and extension hair.

Hair Grades Hair is graded to reflect a quality, the highest being 5A or AAAAA.

Hair Pieces are available in a number of different hairstyles such as clip in ponytails and clip in buns.

Hair Recycling Scheme is our collaboration with Matter Of Trust and their Clean Wave campaign to promote environmental responsibility, sustainability, and awareness around the recycling of human hair extensions.

Hair Replacement is a procedure in which we replace any areas where hair loss has occurred.

Hairsurance offers an automatic extended product guarantee for those that purchase the correct and recommended hair care along with the desired hair extensions. Find out more information about this here

Hollywood Weave is an advanced application method for expert extensionists where micro rings are applied correctly to the hair without any extra extensions, and the weft is sewn to these attachment areas. The advantages of this method include the weft lying flat to the head, less tension for the client and easy, quick removal and maintenance appointments.

Human Hair is what we use at Remi Cachet as opposed to Synthetic. We pay at or above market value for all of our unprocessed human hair braids from those choosing to donate their hair of their own free will.


Injection Tapes is a hair extension method that mimics the root and hair growth and the coloured backing changes depending on the desired colour for your client.

Italian Keratin is similar to German Keratin but this is firmer and requires a hot or cold bonding system to break them down to adhere to the hair.



Keratin is a protein naturally found in our hair and nails.


LA Weave a well-known weft application method using micro rings and sewing the weft to these attachment areas. Made popular as extensionists move away from glue and braided weave methods.

Lift The Lid is a term we use at Remi Cachet regarding the application for each method we have available. Don’t forget to use #liftthelid so we can take a look.

Liquid Hair is a trend where the hair is so glossy and shiny it hair illustrates a liquid movement.

Luxury Range The Remi Cachet Luxury range is double drawn and produced using the finest quality Chinese hair available. Available in Nail Tips, Stick Tips, Nano Tips Weft and Tape.


Master Parting is a product used to disguise visible hair loss on the crown areas of the hair.

Melanin is the dark brown/black pigment found naturally in the hair.

Memory Tip® is a type of technology that allows the bonds to bounce back their original shape when unclamped. This allows the bond to be reused without the need to retip the hair at every maintenance. Our Mini Tips® are a hair extension type that is made with this.

Micro Rings are designed to be used in conjunction with a range of products, including Stick Tips, as well as many other products. The Micro Rings include a screw thread inside the ring, allowing a tight grip against the bond and hair.

Micro Tape hair extensions are designed to add additional volume to a bob, lob, or those with shorter hair. Each 2cm wide piece allows for placement where traditional tape may be more visible.

Mid-Ratio Hair where the hair that makes up the product is made with varying lengths. Our Deluxe range is an example of Mid- Ratio hair, compared to our Elegance range which has a higher ratio of longer lengths. 

Mini Tips extensions from the Elegance Range uses soft German Keratin to work the Mini Locks.

Mini Locks The Remi Cachet Mini Locks® are to be used with the Remi Cachet Mini Tips to create a tiny bond which are easily hidden with the clients own hair.

Money Piece is a colouring method that is a bright frame around the front hairline.

Mongolian Hair is hair that is sourced from Mongolia. Our Elegance range is sourced from Mongolia and Russia and is very smooth and straight.


Nail Tips are a hair extension application that is tipped with high-quality keratin adhesive which is gentle on your natural hair and a quick method for applying hair extensions.

Nano Tips are a hair extension application that is smaller and less detectable than most of our other ring methods. The bond uses a small metal tip that allows the attachment of a Nano Ring which is coloured to match the root of the hair for a seamless and discreet blend.

Nano Rings are designed to be used in conjunction with the Nano Tips to create a miniature bond that is easily hidden in the hair. These are silicone-lined to create great protection between the tip of the bond and the hair.


Ombre is creating a pattern in which colours or tones fade into one another.


P On The Colour Ring stands for “Piano”. Please See “Piano” for further information.

Piano are our mixed colours for example “7/20”, “8,613” and “16/60” where the contrasting colours are combined. The word refers to the keys on a piano where the black and white contrast and alternate.

Placement is the location of where the hair is placed.

Pre-Bonded Hair is a category of hair extensions types where they come pre-tipped and ready to be fitted to the hair using micro rings of glue for seamless, natural finish.

Ponytail is a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back and tied at the back of the head to hang down. At Remi Cachet we have Human Hair Ponytails available for you to purchase here so you can create a long, sleek pony in less than a minute!



Recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable materials. At Remi Cachet, we have our Hair Recycling Scheme

Remi refers to the hair cuticles kept intact giving the best hair quality.

Remover is a substance that you use for removing something. At Remi Cachet, we have a variety of removers including bond remover and Tape Remover.

Root Stretch is a colouring technique. This blends out your natural hair colour to give you a natural balayage look.

Russian Hair is hair that is sourced from Russia. Our Elegance range is sourced from Russia and Mongolia and is very smooth and straight.


Silicone Rings are specially designed rings that include a thin lining of silicone inside to allow a tight grip against the bond and hair to add a layer of protection. These can be used with a range of Remi Cachet products including Stick Tips and Wefts.

Soft Brush is a type of brush that is best specifically for fine hair as it is gentle. If you are looking for this type of brush we recommend our Smoothing Brush that smooth and tame locks while flowing over your extensions with no pulling.

Sombre is soft ombré, the highlighting technique that lightens the hair from root to tip gradually.

Special Colours on our colour chart take longer to process and include our lightest blondes, root stretch and dip dye shades.

Stick Tips are a type of extensions that AAA+-Double Drawn Cuticle correct root to point.

Super Stylist is a specially selected stylist with a love for hair extensions and devoted to the Remi Cachet brand. These are hand picked based on their expertise and there are around 50 Super Stylists around the world.

Super Weft is a type of Remi Cachet Weft extension that uses a unique flat weft top that allows the weft to lay flat to your client's head. Also, exclusive to us, the weft top combines lace, adhesive, and stitching to avoid return hair and to keep the weft shed free.

Synthetic Hair are hair strands that are made out of man-made fibres such as acrylic or nylon.


T On Your Colour Ring denotes Root Stretch.

Tangle Tamer is from our collection of hairbrushes and is a small but powerful detangling brush that is great for removing tough knots and tangles. Find out more about it Yhere

Tape Hair is a category of hair extensions that are lightweight and easy to apply.

Tape Tabs keeps Tape Hair extensions in place for 10-12 weeks whilst making the removal process fast and clean.

Threader is the thin tool used in micro ring applications to hold the Mini Locks or Silicon Rings. With a sub section of hair, the threader aids the locks onto the hair ready for the Mini Tip, or other micro ring method, to be added.

Tone relates to the “finish” of a colour and its degree of warmth or coolness.

Trade Account is an account with Remi Cachet where stylists have gone through our processes of verification allowing them to purchase the wide portfolio of products available on the website with competitive discounts.

Twin Tabs are a hair extension type in the Weft category. These combine the speed of Tape Hair with the clean application of rings.


Ultra Tips are a type of Pre-Bonded hair extension that is reusable without the need to ever re-tip the hair.

Ultra Locks are the oval locks specifically for the Ultra Tips hair extensions.


Vent Brush is a type of brush that is vented or have spaces between the bristles for the air to flow through. If you are looking for this type of brush we recommend our Brush & Blow Brush that’s designed to help speed up your drying time. It also features flexible bristles so you can safely detangle it whilst drying or using it when brushing dry hair.

Volume in relation to hair is how much body the hair has, how much lift there is at the root and how thick it feels.


Wavy Wrap is a style from our hair pieces that can be styled in multiple ways to accomplish the desired look and can be worn high on the head for a statement or low for an elegant touch.

Weft Hair is a type of hair extension application that includes Super Weft, Full Weft and Half Weft.

Wide Tooth Combs are specifically designed for people with larger amounts of hair as the spacing between the teeth allows the hair to easily flow through. These can also be used in the shower to help distribute conditioner over your hair. If you are looking for this type of comb we recommend our Wave Comb here which can help remove troublesome tangles.




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