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By Sarah Ingham - 06 Apr 2022

Our Work With Little Lady Locks

Here at Remi Cachet, recycling is very important to us. If you didn’t know already, we currently have a hair recycling scheme in place to promote environmental responsibility, sustainability and awareness around the recycling of human hair extensions, which you can find out more here. We have now taken this scheme to a new level with our recent collaboration with the charity Little Lady Locks

Little Lady Locks

Little Lady Locks is a UK children's charity based in Manchester that supplies and fits hair replacement systems creating wigs, hats, and headbands for children suffering from alopecia and other hair loss conditions. This service is completely free of charge to anyone under 18 years in the UK and provides a hair replacement system where there has been hair loss, to make the client feel like themselves again. You can find out more about the charity on their website here.

The Collaboration

The collaboration began when Little Lady Locks founder Ashley Higgins approached Remi Cachet. As a hair extension specialist, Ashley has worked with Remi Cachet extensions for many years so knew when she founded the charity she wanted to also use our hair for this venture. “I have worked in the hair industry for ten years now and I can honestly say Remi Cachet hair is the best I have ever worked with so I approached Victoria and explained I only wanted to work with her and her brand and we wouldn't be asking any other brand. I offer Remi Cachet to my extension clients as I know this is the best hair for them so I wanted to do this for the charity as well” Ashley explains.

Our founder, Victoria Lynch, explains how the brand recycling scheme is adapting to support Little Lady Locks. “Some clients replace their hair more frequently, and we want to take advantage of these unwanted hair extensions that still have some life in them. These extensions will be sent to Little Lady Locks to be made into a new hairpiece to give a child an opportunity to make use of the hair.”

The hair extensions will be cleaned, fumigated, and washed by Little Lady Locks before being sent to the charity's team of wig makers. These will then be used to create full-length wigs, hair closures for hair replacement systems and accessories such as hats and headbands with hair extensions attached to them. Any hair extensions received at Remi Cachet that aren't suitable to be repurposed will go straight to the Matter of Trust scheme.

“I am over the moon that Remi Cachet has partnered with Little Lady Locks” Ashley explains. “I wanted a reputable brand to join us in raising awareness of the charity and aiding us with hair supplies. Being a hair extensionist myself, I regularly witness clients buying new hair extensions when their current hair extensions are still in great condition. This got me thinking, what if they donated these hair extensions? I believe that together we will be able to change a lot of children's lives."

Victoria further discusses “The hair donations are a great start, and we are also looking at other ways to support the charity with fundraising. Little Lady Locks have also committed to returning the hair at the end of its life as a hairpiece to be sent for further recycling with a Matter of Trust. We hope more salons will start to join in and support us so we can help more children gain their confidence back.”

Please note, for the Matter Of Trust Scheme, we accept all hair extension brands but for the Little Lady Locks collaboration, it’s extremely important these donations are Remi Cachet hair only. Initially, for this collaboration, we only accept the following methods; Wefts, Tape Hair and Ultra Tips. Currently, we are only accepting these methods for Little Lady Locks as these are reusable items that can be customised to suit each individual purpose.

How Can You Help and Get Involved?

  • Hair Donations - A great way to support this collaboration is to use our hair recycling scheme. If you believe that some of your clients hair has longevity and life left then please document this in your donations. At Remi Cachet, we typically go through our donations to examine the hair once a month to then continue with the donation process. Therefore, if you as a stylist believe there’s longevity left in the hair, this makes this perfect for Little Lady Locks so please identify this to make it a smoother and quicker process. As highlighted above, please ensure your donations are in line with our requirements.


  • Spread The Word - Talking about the charity and spreading the word is really beneficial to Little Lady Locks. This increases brand awareness and creates more referrals to help more children. Whether it's talking about it at work, talking to your friends about it or sharing social media posts, spreading the word is so beneficial.


  • Fundraising Or Sponsorship - Little Lady Locks is a charity that isn’t government funded so fundraising and sponsorship donations are a great way to show your support. The charity’s amazing wig makers work for free in their spare time where each wig can take up to 60 hours so having donations through this stream would really help support the charity and support those suffering with hair loss. Find out more about the opportunities you have on their website here.


  • Charity Ball - On Saturday 9th September 2023, Little Lady Locks are hosting a charity ball in Manchester. Tickets are from £65 where a complimentary drink on arrival and a three course meal are included. Throughout the night there will be many opportunities to raise additional funds as well as many other exciting things in store. To get your ticket for this amazing event follow the link here and hopefully the Little Lady Locks and our team will see you there.

Victoria and Ashley recently went live on Instagram to discuss this collaboration and answer some questions. Make sure you watch this here and learn about what's about to be a very exciting chapter.

Do you currently use the Remi Cachet’s Hair Recycling scheme? This is a great opportunity for you to help keep our oceans clean and support this cause. If you believe clients' hair still has life left in it, this could be donated to Little Lady Locks to put to amazing use. To take part, simply return the hair to Remi Cachet, more information about this is available here.

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