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By Sarah Ingham - 16 Mar 2023

Origins Of Hair At Remi Cachet

In your consultations, you may have come across the question from your clients “can I wear different hair extension ranges and brands at once?” and in this post, we have the answers and the reasoning for you…

With so many different products available at Remi Cachet across our different ranges you will often find some products are available in one range but not another. So, if your clients are having a hybrid fitting this may lead them to ask the above question. Or, if you work with several brands in your salon your clients may ask if they can wear some hair extensions from Remi Cachet and others from another brand at once.

Our Answer…

In short, our answer is no, we never recommend your clients wear different hair origins and brands at once in their hair.

Why Can’t Clients Wear Different Hair Extensions Origins And Brands At Once?

The advice we give to not apply different hair extension ranges to your client’s hair because each hair range has a different origin and therefore has differing qualities and specifications.

Regarding brands, each brand may have different origins. But, if the origin is the same, brands work differently in processing the hair, therefore, qualities and specifications will differ. Moreover, the different textures of the hair can cause tangling issues as well as many other issues to your clients hair.

Let’s remind you of the different origins available to you at Remi Cachet…


Origin: Russian & Mongolian

Qualities: 100% high-quality human, remy hair that is double-drawn

Estimated Longevity: Up to 12 months

Products Available:



Origin: Chinese

Qualities: 100% high-quality human, remy hair that is double-drawn mid-ratio

Estimated Longevity: 9 months

Products Available:



Origin: Chinese

Qualities: 100% high-quality, human, remy hair with a natural ratio

Estimated Longevity: Between 6 and 9 months

Products Available:

Please note: Longevity is an estimate and is inline with you or your clients following the correct and recommended aftercare.

Hair At Remi Cachet


Therefore, if your clients are wearing multiple ranges and brands in their hair, each is going to feel different, and look different as well as having varying qualities and longevity. This in turn will cause future issues for your client regarding aftercare and maintenance as they have different longevity in their hair at once.

We hope this confirms and explains the answer to what may be a frequently asked question for you. If you need any further information or have any questions, please contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.

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