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By Sarah Ingham - 09 Aug 2023

Hair Extension Training At Remi Cachet

At Remi Cachet, we receive a lot of questions regarding hair extension training. Here are the answers you need to know...

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"Does Remi Cachet Offer Training Courses?"

Yes, we do. We offer a number of courses designed specifically for professionals, by professionals.

Combined with factual knowledge and hands-on skills and experience, the training received by attendees is so valuable within a continuously growing industry.

If you are interested in any of our training courses please contact us.

“What Courses Do Remi Cachet Offer?”

Currently, we offer the following courses…

  • Hollywood Weave
  • Mini Tips, Ultra Tips And Nano Tips (Pre-Bonded Ring Methods)
  • Tape Hair

Keep checking back here and keep an eye on our social media platforms for any updates regarding the courses we offer.

“What Are The Entry Requirements To Complete A Remi Cachet Training Course?”

We provide training to qualified (NVQ Level 2 or equivalent and above) hairdressers only.

“Do I Need To Bring My Own Model To Remi Cachet Training Courses?”

This depends on the course you are taking.

For the “Mini Tips, Ultra Tips, Nano Tips” & "Hollywood Weave” courses we require attendees to bring their own model to the training.

However, for the Tape Hair course, following the day at the training location, a case study is required within 90 days, therefore, a model is not needed to bring to the training.

“If I Train With Remi Cachet, Am I Then In A Contract To Use Remi Cachet Only?”

No, by completing our training trainees are not in a contract with us to use our hair only. However, by completing training with us, they are then trained in our specific methods so it is more beneficial for them to use our hair going forward.

“Do You Have To Have A Trade Account With Remi Cachet To Attend Their Training Courses?”

No, trainees do not have to have a trade account with us to attend our courses. However, if they are qualified to attend, they are also qualified to apply for a trade account with us, which is super easy to do. Click hereto open one today.

“What Is The Maximum Number Of People That Can Be In A Remi Cachet Training Course?”

The maximum of people we can accommodate in a training course is eight people. Having this maximum amount of people allows us to provide a more intimate training experience so attendees are getting the most out of the course.

“Who Delivers The Remi Cachet Training Courses?”

Remi Cachet training courses are designed specifically for professionals, by professionals. Training courses are delivered by leading UK hair extensionist's and approved Remi Cachet educators who have worked within the hair extension industry for many years.

Our head of education is the Brand Creator and Managing Director of Remi Cachet, Victoria Lynch. With decades of knowledge and experience, Victoria is thrilled to be continuing Remi Cachet training programs to offer professionals the training they need to develop in their careers.

Learn more about Victoria’s fascinating story in our blog Victoria Lynch's Hair Story.

“Do I Get A Certificate After Completing A Remi Cachet Training Course?”

Yes. After completing the course, attendees will receive a certificate at the end to take home with them, which is included the cost of the course.

“Are Remi Cachet Training Courses Accredited?”

No, Remi Cachet training courses are not accredited but they do count towards CPD hours.

“If I Choose To Do A Training Course With Remi Cachet, What Perks Do I Receive?”

By completing a Remi Cachet Training Course, attendees receive a number of perks.

Firstly, if those who are interested in a training course are qualified to complete the training course, they have the qualifications to open a trade account with us. By having a trade account with us there are several perks, including but not limited to; exclusive discounts, access to innovative products and the opportunity to become a Super Stylist.

By attending the course, trainees have access to the kit that is needed on the day and they can take this back to their salon with them.

Plus, they have access to expert knowledge from leading UK hair extensionist's and Remi Cachet educators that have worked within the hair extension industry for many years.



“What Dates Are The Remi Cachet Training Courses?”

Due to scheduling commitments, we are not able to schedule our training courses with set dates a month. Keep an eye out on our socials ensure you are subscribed to our newsletters to receive up-to-date information regarding this.



How Long Do Training Courses Last?”

Our “Mini Tips, Ultra Tips, Nano Tips” & "Hollywood Weave” courses are across two consecutive days from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Whereas, the Tape Hair course is a is a one-day course at the training location from 9 am to 5 pm. Following this, you will also be required to send evidence of a case study within 90 days of the training course.



“Where Are The Remi Cachet Training Courses Based?”

Our training is based at our dedicated training space located at the Additional Lengths shop and salon.

This is based at the centre of Stockton On Tees in the North East of England.

“Can Remi Cachet Travel To My Salon To Teach A Training Course?”

We are unable to travel to your salon to deliver a training course. All of our training courses require you to travel to our dedicated training space.

 “Can I Complete A Remi Cachet Training Course Online?”

No. We only offer in-person training to get the best out of the training courses by offering you manual and hands-on skills.



“How Much Are The Remi Cachet Training Courses?”

Our course prices differ depending on the course you choose. For more information, please contact us.

“What Does The Price Of Remi Cachet Training Cover?”

The price of our courses covers two days of training, the kit that is required and the certificate at the end of the training.

Please note: The price DOES NOT include the cost of the any hair required for your live model assessment.


Have you got any other questions about training? If so, head to our training page to see if your answers are there, or, email your question(s) to to get your answers.

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