Hair discolouration or colour fade?

Have you noticed your hair has changed colour and are not quite sure if this is due to colour fading or something causing discolouration? We’ll help to explain the difference between the two, and this can then help you determine the cause, how to fix it, and how you might prevent it from happening again in the future.

What is Colour Fade?

It is important to understand that colour fading can, and will happen, the same as your own natural hair would if it was coloured. Colour fade is usually gradual and completely natural due to wear and tear throughout the complete life of the hair through washing, styling products and heat damage. Problems can arise when the colour fades at a quicker rate than it normally would, and this usually occurs when the hair is exposed to certain ingredients or substances, and UV rays.

Tips for avoiding colour fade:
  • Follow our Aftercare Guide and use the Remi Cachet Haircare Products
  • Avoid washing your hair too frequently and reduce the water temperature
  • Reduce the temperature of your heat tools when styling your hair
  • Treat your hair with our Hair Oil to keep it hydrated
  • In bright sunshine (or when using sunbeds), wear a sun hat or tie up your hair
  • Use a colour retaining product to help keep the colour correct
What is Discolouration?

Many recognise this as an instant change in their hair, maybe when it’s been exposed to chlorinated swimming pool water, but actually this can also be a gradual change. Mostly seen in blonde hair as a brassy, pink or peach colour coming through, and sometimes only in patches of hair and not the full length of the hair.

Discolouration is caused by a chemical reaction from mineral elements in hard water, such as iron, that is reacting with the hair colour. This is often accelerated as a reaction with an ingredient found in sun lotions (and many other products) and the heat from sunshine, so many come across this when on holiday.

It’s worth checking with your local water provider if you live in a hard water area, and also be aware of this when you are away.

Tips for avoiding discolouration: How to rectify discolouration:

If the issue truly is discolouration, then the Malibu C Hard Water Sachets are recommended. Use with caution! If the issue isn't discolouration, you may damage the hair or cause the hair to fade. You should follow the instructions carefully to get the best results. View the video below if you need further guidance.

How do I tell the difference?

It can be tricky to spot the difference between colour fade and discolouration, especially with mixed hair colours so check out this IGTV from our founder, Victoria Lynch, as she shares some great examples and tips to help tell the difference.

If you aren't a professional stylist, we would always recommend heading back to your stylist for further assistance on determining colour fade or discolouration and assistance to rectify the problem.

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