Getting your Bridal Hair right for your Big Day

Planning for your big day can be all consuming and stressful. Thankfully, sorting your look from your dress, beauty and hair, is fun and all about you and what you want. So, with the venue booked, bridal dress ordered, and a healthy lifestyle started (or at least planned); it’s time to think about your hair. A bridal hair consultation has a lot to consider to be perfect for your big day. Here’s what you need to think about.


Diaries out it’s time to commit some key dates. From the hairstylist for the big day to initial hair consultations, to the follow through appointments to get your colour right, application and maintenance all booked in.


We want to get it right, and whilst the key points of a consultation will be covered, it would be useful if you could bring a few extra things to your meeting.

  • A photo of your dress from front, back and sides not just to be excited for you but to see the shape and to ensure the hair compliments and shows off the dress features too
  • What headwear you are thinking of if any. It’s good to think about how they will be worn and secured. Even if you decided on this yet, the final hair look you discuss might help consolidate your thoughts on this
  • If you are looking to change colour, bring images of this to talk through and then look at the colour choice
  • Photos of hairstyles you like for ideas to discuss. You will find plenty on our Pinterest Board so Pin away!
  • If you are using a different hairdresser for your day, it is really key to have good communication between you all so that the extensionist understands the end look they will create, and for example, if any specific placement of the extensions is needed

Once the stylist has all this information, they can also help make suggestions, from hair treatments and nutrition to really get your own hair healthy to shine for the big day, as well as other points you need to consider in choosing your look:

  • For hair up looks, is your hair long enough and full enough to achieve the look you want? Even if you have extensions normally, you may wish to add a hair piece such as a Clip In.
  • If you have not had extensions before, do you want to have them earlier so you can see how they wear and get used to caring for them properly. This is useful to know how you like to wear them, which may change your overall wedding day look
  • If you are honeymooning, can you care for the extensions well whilst you are away?
  • The best hair colours for your skin and eyes
  • The finished look for your face and dress shape
  • Does your ‘do’ work for your post ceremony party?
Application & hair trials

These may be separate appointments but bring your hair accessories to both so the extensionist can double check placement with you.

Depending on your application method, you may need to wait to be able to put your hair up to give the bonds time to settle and move down the hair shaft before moving and lifting them. So if this is important, then ask your extensionist to allow for this more at application and fit the extensions slightly lower.

Even for Clip In Extensions, it may be worth having an application appointment to learn more about using them yourself, not just as a hair piece on your wedding day.

The extensionist can also go through with you more aftercare advice to care for your extensions so they look their best well beyond the big day.


If you have applied the extensions in advance and timed it to have your first maintenance before your wedding, try to time this around 2 weeks before your big day to allow the bonds to settle again and any adjustments that need to be made.

Hair extensions are a big commitment in themselves, even noting the commitment you are about to make walking down the aisle. However, you can form a deep bond with your extensions, and they become a part of your look happy ever after.

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