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By Sarah Ingham - 23 Jul 2021

Four Steps to really Healthy Hair

Improving the health of our hair is a year-round obsession, whether it’s the beginning of a new year when resolutions are set, or a change in the season reminding us that our hair needs a little more TLC. Luckily, sticking to these four golden rules will help improve your health and in turn, that of your skin and hair, to be strong and long.


Clearly our diet has a big impact on our overall health, and we have singled out four for your hair, and to add to your shopping list this week, are: Eggs. Packed with protein to support the hair follicles and Biotin which aids the production of Keratin, the hair’s natural protein. Perfect for breakfast. Fatty fish such as salmon, are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to improved hair growth and density.

Sweet potatoes are the healthier option to potatoes and are a great source of beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A. This helps produce sebum from the sebaceous glands which protect and nourish the scalp and hair. Vitamin A is also linked to encouraging the growth of thicker hair we crave.

Berries are the best antioxidant as well as containing to protect the hair follicle from free radicals in the body and environment. Also containing essential Vitamin C that aids production of collagen which strengthens your hair. That’s pudding sorted!

Staying hydrated significantly improves the functionality of your body’s cells and every strand of hair contains 25% water so drinking at least two litres of water a day will help the strength of your hair, increasing your hair’s growth too.


Stress has a detrimental effect on your hair cycle and this may not become apparent until months later. Stress pushes the hair into what is known as the “resting’ phase which ultimately stops new strands being produced and can also lead to more hair falling out during washing and brushing, and where your extensions are, these hairs remain trapped in the bond until your next maintenance appointment. Sometimes there may be a delay in seeing the effects for this and this depends on the speed of your own hair cycle. For an indication, check the heal of your skin and nails as these are earlier indicators for your hair.

A gentle head massage not only relieves tension but boosts blood circulation at the scalp to stimulate the hair cycle. Just be mindful to be gentle around those bonds!

Take time every day to reduce your stress in whatever way you love the most. Our very own Super Stylists are fans of mindfulness, and you can also try yoga and exercise outside if possible as this has positive benefits for our wellbeing.


Equally as important as de-stressing, your sleep is a great opportunity for all your body’s cells to repair and renew, and this includes your hair. As adults, we are recommended to have 7-9 hours a day and during lockdown our sleep patterns may be completely out of routine and don’t forget to read our Bedtime Basics before you head to bed.


Make the most of giving your hair some extra TLC and perfecting your aftercare to ensure your hair looks healthy. Taking more care with having extensions in, also benefits your own hair and scalp with many discovering their own hair is healthier at maintenance appointments when they can see their own hair without the extensions has grown, and fuller, dispelling any myths that extensions damage your hair.

It’s also worth considering less is more by putting down the heated styling tools that cause damage, and also lengthen between washes as the shampoo will strip your hair of some of the essential oils. Having that extra hair up day to hide your greasy roots is manageable for us all.

During the summer months, it’s wise to be mindful of holiday hair and during winter try these extra tips.

Get yourself in good hair care habits not just to extend the longevity of your extensions, but for your own hair supporting the extensions to be nourished and strong. Healthy hair definitely shines through too, so you should start to get even more comments about how good your hair looks.

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