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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Jun 2021

Bedtime Basics for your Hair Extensions

It’s pretty hard to control how much you move around in bed once you have fallen asleep and we’ve all had a serious case of bed head when we wake up. 

Taking care of your hair extensions and giving your clients advice on how to take care of their hair extensions at night is very important to prevent the bond areas from matting and the locks becoming tangled. With the correct care, it can help create the perfect look for the next day.


Our Remi Cachet brushes are specifically designed for extensions, with soft bristle technology and an air-cushioned pad that glides over the bond areas and removes knots and tangles without any tugging.

Our Paddle Brush, is perfect for longer lengths with our Tangle Tamer being great for those with shorter locks. Also, don't forget to have our Waving Comb on hand for wet hair and to remove any matting.


For those clients that have individual bonds, the advice to give them is that they need spend a little extra time gently separating the hair and bonds to avoid any matting. This should be part of their routine a couple of times a week. 

Dry hair thoroughly

Important advice for clients is to make sure that their hair is thoroughly dry before they go to sleep. Not only is wet hair more prone to damage and breakage which then leads to frizziness and split ends, drying their hair will prevent the bond areas from breaking down.

Hair oil

Similar to their skincare routine, your clients hair needs to be hydrated. Our Hair Oil absorbs into the hair, fights frizz and leaves the hair feeling silky soft and revitalised. The oil is to be applied to the lengths and ends of the hair a couple of times a week. This will give the hair an added boost and to keep the tresses silky smooth.


Styling hair with a loose plait is a great option for sleeping with hair extensions as they hold all of the hair in position. Even better, your clients could have effortless beach waves for the morning too!

If your clients hair is short, then a ponytail will work just as well using a low-impact hair bobble to avoid additional pulling.


Victoria Beckham herself rates her silk pillowcase and who are we to disagree. This isn’t an indulgence; the silk reduces the friction on the hair and also reduces the creation of static and the frizz you want to avoid. 

Haircare is so important to a great set of extensions so if you advise your clients to take the time to get their bedtime hair care routine sorted, this will ensure their Remi Cachet extensions are at the best for the morning. 

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