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By Sarah Ingham - 12 Oct 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Fillers

Hair fillers are a great opportunity for you to change up the style of your client’s hair, conceal damage and so much more. But what exactly are hair fillers? What are the benefits to your clients and business?...


What Are Hair Fillers?

In the world of hair extensions, hair fillers are where small amounts of hair extensions are applied to specific areas of your client’s hair; whatever the reason. Therefore, the extensions act as a “filler” which is a more targeted approach whereas, in contrast, you may be used to apply these all over. In these scenarios of using hair fillers, you can say “less is more”.


Key Benefits Of Hair Fillers

The key benefits of using hair extensions as hair fillers include:

  • Conceal damage - If your clients are concerned about a specific area of their hair that is damaged and want to conceal this, hair fillers are a great solution. Whether it is for the long term or short, your options are endless to suit your client’s wants and needs.
  • Great for your clients waiting to grow out shorter hair - We all have those clients, they have decided to go shorter then suddenly they miss your long locks, this is just one of the many situations where hair extensions prove to be amazing. So, if this sounds just like your clients, using hair extensions as hair fillers for length can be great whilst your client is wanting to grow out their own shorter hair.
  • Change the shape of a style - Similarly to those clients who might want to be wanting to add length to their short hair, some of your clients may have recently opted for a new style and are already wanting a change. For example, they have decided on a stylish bob but now they want a longer bob. Hair fillers are great for this situation to add some length and volume to the sides of your client’s hair to give them exactly what they want.
  • Add volume - For any of your clients that have thin or thinning hair, hair fillers are great to add a boost of volume to their locks.


Benefits Of Hair Fillers To Your Business

There are several benefits of adding this as a service to your business, some of these include:

  • A great introduction to extensions - For those clients who are apprehensive about committing to a full head of hair extensions, applying hair fillers are a great way to get your clients familiar with them. From the look to the fit, hair fillers allow your clients to get an experience with hair extensions through a small amount.
  • Increase your client’s average spend - Some of your clients may be regular wash and style clients so if they have expressed an interest in adding more volume or length to their hair, fillers are a great way to increase their average spend. It’s a great opportunity to get that consultation booked with them to discuss their options.


How Are Hair Fillers Applied?

As hair fillers are a personalised service, there is no “one size fits all”, just like your traditional hair extension applications. Therefore, a consultation remains mandatory for hair fillers, even if a small amount is expected to be applied, it’s important to continue with your usual process to determine what hair extension method and exactly how much will be required for your clients.

When it comes to the actual application, the process also remains the same as it would if you were applying a full of head extensions for your client, just in this case it’s a smaller amount.


Working With Hair Fillers

At Remi Cachet, we have seen our stylists work their magic with a variety of hair extensions for a range of purposes. Here are some of our favourites…

Ultra Tips® only used 50 strands of 12" Ultra Tips In Colour 9/55 to create the look for his client in her side filler appointment.

“Another side filler appointment today, I used only 50 strands of 12” @remicachet Ultra Tips in shade 9/55, restoring confidence and filling in that shorter/damaged corner Whilst retaining a natural finish”


Micro Tapes

For her finer-haired client, @xxhairbysophiexx used one pack of 10" Micro Tapes in colour 8/613 to create side fillers that bulk out her hair for extra thickness whilst causing no tension on the hair.


Injection Tape®

For a little bit of length and thickness, @maneobsessionbyciaramayused only one pack of 14" Injection Tape in colours 8/613 for her client to create additional length and boost of thickness for her client's long bob. 


Clip-In Deluxe

For a subtle but effective transformation for his client’s baseline to add thickness,@mlthairextensionsused just one row of 16” (cut to around 12” - 14”) Deluxe Clip Ins in colour 8/613.


How Do Clients Maintain Hair Fillers?

As always, your clients following the correct aftercare advice and using the recommended products is essential to maintain the longevity of their extensions. For all things aftercare, our blog post summarises everything you need to know to explain to your clients so they can continue to have fabulous hair when they leave the chair.



Have you heard of our #RCOnePackChallenge? If hair fillers are something you have experience with or are interested in adding this as a service, make sure you tag your gorgeous transformations using #RCOnePackChallenge for a chance to show off your “less is more” looks as well as for a chance to be featured on our channels.


The opportunities you have with hair fillers are truly endless so make sure you book your clients for their consultations to discuss the options for them. If you have any looks with hair fillers to share, as well as using #RCOnePackChallenge make sure you also hashtag #RemiCachet and #ShareYourHair to show off your work. Have you got any questions about hair fillers? Feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

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