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By Sarah Ingham - 19 Nov 2021

All You Need To Know About Our Clip In Extensions

An ultimate party hair go-to for clients is a clip in for you to create that instant volume and length. Not only are they a great start for any hair extension wearers, but they are also perfect for those special occasions such as weddings to create gorgeous bridal hair.

With there being more weddings that ever recently, if you are stuck for some styling inspiration for your clients, not to worry, take a look at our Instagram Guide.

The Hair

The hair is 100% human hair sourced from Asia for both types of Clip Ins, the "Clip-In Deluxe" and "Clip-In Deluxe Plus". However, a difference between the two is that  the Deluxe is double drawn whereas the Deluxe Plus is naturally drawn. As the Deluxe Plus is in the longer lengths, the naturally drawn blends with the clients own hair so making this look more natural. 

Don't forget the Elegance Colour range is available for both Clip Ins.

The hair is encapsulated in hair pieces with strong clips.  For the Deluxe version this is a slimline polyurethane top which lies flat to the head and is really comfortable. They come in three separate pieces: two 12" pieces and one 5" piece. 

The Deluxe Plus version uses lace tops and supplied as 6 separate pieces to help create a more natural look by spreading the volume across the hair pieces:

  • Two 12” wide pieces with 6 clips
  • Two 5” wide pieces with 3 clips
  • Two 3” wide pieces with 2 clips

Additional or replacement clips are also available here.


  • Part the clients hair and secure the hair above with a crocodile clip for the first piece. The larger width pieces are ideal for the back of the head. 
  • Gently back comb the root area to help create more surface area to secure the clips to.
  • Place the hair piece in position rotating the clips onto the hair before snapping the clips closed for a secure hold before.
  • Remove the crocodile clip and brush through to blend the hair.
  • Repeat for the remaining clip in pieces around the head.
  • With the hair being human hair, feel free to style the clients hair as their own.

TOP TIP:  For big updos you can place the clip-in upside down for the hair to move in the same direction as the hair. Only for a professional stylist to use the clip in, in this way to ensure safe application and removal.


Simply snap the clips the other way to release the hold all along the weft top and remove the whole clip. Repeat for the other pieces and brush the hair thoroughly.


Caring for hair clip-ins will help it last longer.  After a couple of wears, it’s important that any product build up on the hair is removed. It’s also worth investing in a Hair Holder to help make washing, drying and styling the extensions easier.


Both Clip In hair pieces are supplied in packaging that doubles up as storage.   We recommend brushing through the extension, wrapping the hair length around your hand before putting back in the hair net to help hold the clip in neatly whilst not being used. 


Or, even better why not try our Hair Extensions Storage Set? This features a white 32cm, wide hanger that has soft grips to protect the tops of the extensions. Also, there is a white popper style front, non woven storage bag. This set is just perfect for storing your Clip Ins away and protecting them when you are travelling. It doesn't stop there, you can also use the hanger to hang hairpieces to style, making the set multi-functional.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Storage Set Shop Now 

Even for our Clip Ins, and hair pieces, we recommend using a professional hairdresser to help with the colour match, assist in fitting and share their tips for the best results.   Find a Stylist near you on our locator.

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