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By Sarah Ingham - 21 Jun 2021

Do I need Insurance for hair extensions?

We all understand the idea of insurance, and to open an account with us we ask for a copy of your valid Public Liability Insurance. Whilst it’s not a legal requirement to have this insurance, we really do believe that it offers you great peace of mind. Don’t worry, we are not trying to sell sell you a policy, or even recommending any particular ones, we just want to ensure that you have the protection in place to back you up if you ever need it.

Maybe you think of insurance as just another extra cost you don’t need, but try looking at it as protection just in case. Essentially, it covers claims from the public for injury or damage to their property or person, which could escalate into the thousands. Working with chemicals and with potential trip hazards, it’s easy to see potential accidents waiting to happen and therefore potential claims that could follow. An allergic reaction to colour may be the most obvious scenario, but there are many different potential hazards that you can come into contact with on a daily basis.

Here are just a few extension related examples:
  • A client has a rare reaction to the metal in the micro ring
  • A client experiences scalp issues following pulling from their extensions
  • You accidentally burn a client’s scalp with the hot fusion connector or your straighteners when styling their hair
  • Someone trips on your cables and damages their back

Public liability insurance will cover compensation payouts and the legal costs of defending a claim. Even when you know you have done a great job, it’s the peace of mind that the policy offers to support you and take away the pressure of dealing with the situation.

Like with all insurance policies, you need to check the small print for the exclusions. It is key that you disclose extensions as a service and treatment when creating a policy or add this to your existing policy when you train in extensions. Ensure your policy specifically covers hair extension application as this may be an additional charge.

If you’re employed in a salon, the Salon Owner should have a policy in place, however, if you are freelance or self-employed renting a chair you should have your own policy for the reassurance of being covered.

In addition to the policy, we recommend keeping good records with Consultation Forms, appointments, and accident reports, should a situation occur, and you can share this information quickly with your insurers if a claim is made.

We cannot recommend any particular insurance companies or policies, but we do recommend doing research into who you choose to ensure they are a reputable insurance company. Around the world, you may have something similar, we recommend checking with your professional body for more support on this. We hope you never need to make a claim, but it’s the responsible action to take for yourself and the client. Don’t forget to apply for an account with us when you have your insurance in place.

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