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By Sarah Ingham - 23 Aug 2021

All you need to know about our new Elegance Nano Tips

We teased a lot on social media for the launch of our Elegance Nano Tips, but honestly, we predict these are going to be huge for 2021. We know you are just going to love them. So what do you need to know about these Nano’s and why are they so different from anything else out there?

Firstly, let our founder Victoria explain:

“Our Luxury Nano Tips have been popular since we introduced them in our revamped Luxury Range in 2019. We knew that we could improve upon the design to make them really our own, and to be less fiddly for stylists. Launching the Elegance Nano Tips excited me as much as lockdown ending.”

We wanted to improve upon the older and outdated typical Nano Tip designs that you usually find elsewhere that are difficult to fit, visible in the hair, and in some cases use a flexible tip that makes it impossible to guide into a Nano Ring.

So what’s the twist? Literally it’s the thread. It may seem like a small point but this is a real game changer when it comes to the application. The unique thread tip is strong but flexible, sits discreetly in the hair due to the colour matched threaded tip, and makes application quicker and easier. The twists in the thread also offer greater grip when using Silicone Lined Nano Rings, resulting in the extensions being secure in the hair for longer.

You can view this guide for a handy comparison:

There’s even more reason to love our Elegance Nano Tips. Belonging to our Elegance Range, they give you access to our most popular colours with over 50 different shades including dark tones and distinctive reds, cool clean blondes, beautiful mixed tones, as well as unique root stretches. Available in 4 different length options, you are spoilt for choice.

This product is design protected, so you can only get them here.

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