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By Sarah Ingham - 17 May 2023

2023 Wedding Hair Trends - Updo Hairstyles

As we are in the midst of spring with summer soon approaching you may be finding your bridal appointments approaching thick and fast. Need some inspiration for the looks? Lucky for you we recently completed our 2023 bridal shoot “Our Bride To Yours” with two of our wonderful Super Stylists and have the looks we think will make an impact this year. Starting off with Updo hairstyles, we also have some top tips directly from the Super Stylists that joined us on the day for all things bridal related…

Back in April, we released our bridal campaign showcasing four two of which were updo hairstyles, modelled by the beautiful Nina and Abi. On the day we were so lucky to be joined by two new Super Stylists Jordan Gourley and Charlotte Fishwick from @jordancharlotte_hairlounge who created the stunning looks.

They have shared three of their top tips for your bridal appointments…

Bridal Hair Top Tips

1. Allow Extra Time - For travel, getting set up and any hiccups/tweaks you may come across, always make sure you have time on your side.

2. Always Overpack – You don’t want to run out of anything so bring extra of everything; hair pieces so you have more hair to play with as well as kirby grips, hair bands and a full range of brushes to cover all opportunities. Plus, always take a wide variety of styling tools to equip yourself ready for all hair types, curl sizes etc.

3. Bring All The Styling Products - It’s essential to have as many styling products as possible for all hair types and different purposes. For example,Hair Oil and of course, plenty of hairspray are always a must.

Two Updo Hairstyles…

Sleek Bun

A simply glamorous look that can be made the bride’s own with elegant accessories…

Sleek Bun Hairstyle

How To Create The Look:

1. Section the hair neatly creating a deep side parting. Taking a line ear to ear, over the top of the head, then taking a U-section out from the very crown.

2. With our Smoothing Brush create a low ponytail with sleek sides.

3. Create a knot with the ponytail.

4. Add our Human Hair Bun over the knot.

5. Brush to smooth the bun hair down to make a small ponytail underneath the bun, tuck this up underneath the hair and pin to hide.

6. Working on the remaining hair from the crown and sides, smooth and straighten the hair with the Qute Classic Styler.

7. Select some hair from the front for tendrils to frame the face.

8. Working with our Pin Tail Comb to guide and sculpt the hair, hold the hair firmly to keep the sleek effect, and wrap the hair around the side of the head and across the top of the bun and around. Pin to hold.

9. Repeat on the other side.

10. Add an accessory such as a pearl slide to complete the look.A veil can also be added as a finishing touch from underneath the bun to keep the focus on the hair.

See the full process below...


Created with our Elegance Human Hair Bun in 1b.

Remi Cachet Elegance Human Hair Bun In 1BOrder Now

Intricate Bun

This look is all about creating a low chignon with intricate detail highlighting the mix of colours...

Intricate Bun Hairstyle

How To Create The Look:

1. Section the hair neatly, taking the first row just below the ears and securing the remaining hair out of the way.

2. Create a low pony with the bottom section of the hair and secure it with a strong band.

3. Add a large hair donut over the ponytail to give a base and structure to help create the look. Secure to the head with hair grips.

4. With the Remi Cachet Elegance Human Hair Bun turned inside out, ease the bun over the donut and secure it in place using the clips.

5. Take sections of the hair from the hair bun and place them over the bun shape and pin. Repeat working around the bun until all hair is securely in place.

6. Add a 12” piece from the Clip In Deluxe Plus around the base of the bun and secure it with the clips.

7. Working with small sections of hair, gently twist and loop to create large curls.

8. Place and pin these curls in place randomly onto the bun to form an intricate pattern.

Top Tip From Charlotte At @jordancharlotte_hairlounge: Step back regularly and check the placement to see spaces and the hair movement.

9. Continue this process above, building up the bun with twists and loops of hair.

10. For the top section, backcomb small sections. With the left side of the hair first, using the Remi Cachet Smoothing Brush, bring this section of hair back into the top of the bun. Hold the pin tail comb in the centre to wrap the hair around the base of the comb and pin; pushing the front section of hair up to create a volume.

11. Repeat on the right side. With the excess hair length, twist and loop into the main bun structure as before.

12. Take a small section of hair from the front right, loosely braid and tease to create a fuller plait. Wrap around and pin into the top of the bun.

See the full process below...


Created with our Elegance Human Hair Bun and our 24" Clip In Deluxe Plus, both in shade 9/613.

Remi Cachet Elegance Human Hair BunBuy The Elegance Human Hair Bun

Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe Plus

 Get Your 24" Clip In Deluxe Plus.

Keep an eye out on our next blog post all about hair down hairstyles for the bridal season…

Hopefully, this has given you the inspiration you need to create your 2023 looks for your bridal clients. Don’t forget to keep checking our Blog, Instagram and our Bridal Hair highlight for even more inspiration. For the looks you do create, we want to see them so make sure you tag us in your Instagram posts @remicachet using the hashtags #remicachet and #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured on our channels.

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