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Elegance Colour Guide

This should be used as a guide only. We recommend purchasing a Colour Ring to get the most accurate match.

Colour 1 Jet Black
Colour 1B Natural Black
Colour 2 Darkest Brown
Colour 4 Dark Chestnut Brown
Colour 5 Dark Ash Brown
Colour 6 Medium Chestnut Brown
Colour 7 Medium Ash Brown
Colour 8 Light Chestnut Brown
Colour 9 Light Ash Brown
Colour 14 Toffee Blonde
Colour 16 Medium Golden Blonde
Colour 18 Dark Ash Blonde
Colour 20 Natural Ash Blonde
Colour 22 Light Golden Blonde
Colour 30 Light Auburn
Colour 31 Natural Auburn
Colour 33 Dark Auburn
Colour 530 Cherry Red
Colour 66 Darkest Red Brown
Colour 99J Plum Red
Colour 55 Light Ash Blonde
Colour 60 Platinum Blonde
Colour 613 Bleach Blonde
Colour 2/8 Dark Chestnut Mix
Colour 4/8 Medium Chestnut Mix
Colour 4/18 Brown Ash Mix
Colour 5/20 Ash Blonde & Brown Mix
Colour 6/22 Chestnut Blonde Mix
Colour 7/20 Ash Blonde Mix
Colour 8/613 Light Chestnut Blonde Mix
Colour 9/55 Lightest Ash Mix
Colour 9/613 Lightest Platinum Mix
Colour 10/16 Mixed Golden Blonde
Colour 16/24 Medium Blonde Mix
Colour 16/60 Light Blonde Mix
Colour 18/60 Ash Platinum Blonde Mix
Colour 27/613 Strawberry Blonde Mix
Colour 55/60 Platinum Blonde Mix
Colour DD2/6 Dark to Medium Brown Dip Dye
Colour DD2/6+16 Dark to Medium Brown Highlight Dip Dye
Colour DD5/20 Brown to Blonde Ash Dip Dye
Colour DD6/10 Brown to Golden Blonde Dip Dye
Colour DD6/10+22 Brown to Blonde Highlighted Dip Dye
Colour T1B-2/8 Rooted Dark and Light Brown
Colour T1B/4 Rooted Chestnut
Colour T1B-4/18 Rooted Ash Chestnut
Colour T2-4/8 Rooted Medium Chestnut Mix
Colour T2-6/22 Rooted Chestnut Blonde Mix
Colour T2/8 Rooted Light Chestnut
Colour T4/33 Rooted Auburn
Colour T4-8/613 Rooted Light Chestnut Blonde Mix
Colour T5/20 Rooted Ash Brown to Ash Blonde
Colour T5-5/55 Rooted Ash Brown to Ash Brown Blonde Mix
Colour T5/55 Rooted Light Ash
Colour T5-7/20 Rooted Dark Ash Blonde Mix
Colour T5-9/55 Rooted Ash Brown to Light Ash Brown Blonde Mix
Colour T5-9/613 Rooted Ash Platinum Mix
Colour T6/16 Rooted Golden Blonde
Colour T6/60 Rooted Platinum Blonde
Colour T7-55/60 Rooted Ash Platinum Mix
Colour T8-16/60 Rooted Golden Pltinum Mix