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By Sarah Ingham - 27 Jul 2022

The Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair

At Remi Cachet, we have an extensive range of products for your clients, but sometimes, you may struggle with where to start to choose the right hair extensions for them, especially when it comes to the variety of hair types you come across on a daily basis. So, we are here to help… we have broken down the top two hair extension methods we think are the best for when working with thick hair...

1.) Elegance Wefts

Using the “Hollywood” method which works by sewing the weft to micro rings secured directly into the hair with no braid nor glue required so there is less tension on the scalp, our choice of Elegance Wefts can be a great option for those clients with thicker hair.

Overall, our collection of Elegance Flat Wefts; FullHalf and Super are perfect for additional volume but individually have different features and purposes. As these are from the Elegance range, this is double drawn remy hair and its texture and thickness is more suited to those with thick hair.

Weighing up to 140g Full Wefts can be paired with our Half Weft which can weigh up 70g for those wanting to achieve a more voluminous look. There is also the Super Weft that can weigh up to 180g, which allows your client to achieve 1.5x the volume of our standard Elegance Full Wefts due to the density and weight of the hair.

Wefts are a great option for your clients with thicker hair because, as mentioned, the “Hollywood” method does not add any pressure to the scalp so there is no concern when it comes to the scalp coping with the additional weight of the hair. As well as this, there are a variety of weight options that are available to your clients so you are sure to find that one that is perfect for them in line with just how thick their hair is. And don’t forget you can mix them up to create that perfect look.

Take a look at some of our favourite looks using Elegance Wefts:

@ashleigh.stewarthair is giving us a sneak peek of “lift the lid” from the look she created. So.Much.Volume.


If this look from @unbeweavablehairsalon doesn’t persuade you that wefts could be your client's perfect match, we don't know what will.


2.) Elegance Injection Tape

Not only is our Injection Tape reusable again and again with a speedy application time, they are also perfect for both thin and thick hair so if your client is after a longer-lasting product than clips ins without the commitment of a weft for their thick hair, Elegance Injection Tape could be the answer.

Although this extension type has an injection process, designed to be discreet in the natural hair, this appeals more to the finer hair clients, whereas, those clients with thicker hair should be able to conceal the hair extensions with their natural hair.

Instead, the tapes can be sandwiched to create thicker pieces in your client's hair with additional volume. Whether that's all over your client's hair or just in specific areas, Injection Tape allows you to do this.

Moreover, as the Injection Tape is specifically from our Elegance range which is double drawn remy hair its texture and thickness may be more suited to those with thick hair.

Take a look at some of our favourite transformations using Elegance Injection Tape.

@pshairextensions added tapes to the finer areas of her clients hair to fill these out and create a clean, blunt look:


@krystalizedhair showed off this stunning transformation using just two packs of Elegance Injection Tapes:


Hopefully, our advice on the best extensions will make your consultation easier for you when it comes to clients having thick hair. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Whatever you decide, don't forget to #shareyourhair for a chance to be featured.

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