Remi Cachet Summer Ball Spectacular

Mid-lockdown we decided we needed a party and something to celebrate so our Summer Ball was born. A night of glam at a stately hotel in the North-East is set for later this month - 18th September and we are pleased to be joined by our VIP only guest list.

The guest list includes our Super Stylists, leading accounts, hair industry professionals, and the press.

Getting the party started, we have created our first ever awards too and we are proud to reveal our Finalists on the night are;

  • Abigail Nicholls
  • Alex Ferris
  • Amy Bam
  • Ashleigh Stewart
  • Asya Cannur
  • Beth Wilkinson
  • Chantelle Rason
  • Francesca Barnes
  • Georgia Tillman
  • Helen Richardson
  • Joanne Fox
  • Judi Selkirk
  • Kathleen MacFarlane
  • Lacey Murray
  • Lauren Reed
  • Lisa Archer
  • Luci Owen
  • Mark Taylor
  • Shannon Donald

The Awards include Savvy Social, Image of the Year and Recycler of the Year. There are some other exciting awards that we are keeping under wraps that are to be revealed on the night too.

Awards have been voted for, judged externally and checked vigorously. Our team is currently working on the last-minute preparations to make sure the night is the highlight of our year.

Sharing their VIP status on social, Super Stylist Mark Taylor:

"Literally so excited to be a part of this amazing evening.  Can’t wait for it to happen and being a Super Stylist for Remi Cachet is an honour I have wanted for many years.”

Stay tuned on social for highlights of the night, where we will be joined by a special guest, you know it’s going to be a night to remember!

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