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By Sarah Ingham - 01 Mar 2023

How To Sell Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip Ins… the perfect temporary solution for your clients. If you want some top tips on how you can sell them to your clients, we have the advice for you…

Firstly, let’s begin with the Clip Ins and Hair Pieces that are available to you at Remi Cachet.

Clip Ins And Hair Pieces At Remi Cachet

Clip In Deluxe

  • Made from 100% high-quality Chinese human hair
  • Double drawn hair
  • New discreet tops
  • Each set contains: 12" piece (x2),5" piece (x1) and 2 spare clips that match the hair colour chosen
  • 16" - 120g
  • 20" - 150g
  • Over 30 colours

Clip In Deluxe Plus

  • Made from 100% high-quality Chinese human hair
  • Naturally drawn hair
  • Each set contains: 12" piece (x2),5" piece (x2), 3" piece (x2) 2 spare clips that match the hair colour chosen, a Pintail Comb and a Brush & Blow Brush
  • 20" - 200g
  • 24" - 250g
  • Over 40 colours

Four Tips For Selling Clip Ins

1. Hair Extension Beginners

If you have clients that have expressed an interest in hair extensions but are not sure about committing to a semi-permanent method just yet, this is the perfect opportunity to sell Clip Ins. Clip Ins are the perfect way to start your client’s hair extension journey by giving them a temporary method that they can apply and remove whenever they want. They are also a great way for your clients to get an idea of the length and colour they like. Therefore, if they were to choose a semi-permanent method in the future, they are more confident in this decision by wearing their Clip Ins.

@glam.01_hairextensions explains this perfectly in her caption about her client who wasn’t sure would be able to commit to a more permanent hair extension method and wanted something she could “dip her toe in the water with”…


2. Special Occasions

Whether this is in their consultations or appointments in general if you are talking about a special occasion your client is attending, this is a brilliant way to introduce the idea of Clip Ins.

Clip Ins are the perfect solution if your clients are wanting to try a new look for their special occasion, whether that’s extra length, a boost of volume or a brand new style altogether.

Gorgeous hair extensions for her big day…@bridalhairbygemma_amari uses Clip In hair extensions to create her client’s stunning look for her Wedding Day.


3. Switching Up Their Look

Do you have clients that just can’t make up their minds about their next look? Clip Ins are great for those clients who have shorter hair but want to be long for a day. For those clients who can’t make up their minds, Clip Ins are always an answer.

@thehairandthehoney showcases this beautiful transformation she created for one of her clients. From shoulder length to long locks…


4. Add To Your Retail Space

If you have a retail space in your salon, Clip Ins are a must to have. Our Super Stylist Hollie Williams is certainly an advocate for this…

“We often find that clients generally have not-so-great past experiences with purchasing clip-ins online because of a range of factors including that they haven’t been shown how to put them in properly or had any kind of blending on them. At our salon, we can expertly colour-match the clip-ins, give them hints and tips for the application and then offer a cut blend and style to ensure it all blends seamlessly.

For us, it is worth the stock investment to be able to offer these products that can generate so much additional revenue. We often find customers come back for styling appointments with the clip-ins they have purchased with us so it generates additional revenue, especially over the party season.

We always keep a large selection to ensure we can provide a smooth process for the customer. We stock both the Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe and Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe Plus across different lengths, colours and volumes. Not only does this offer the client many options to choose from but it allows us to give them a great visual of how different ones could look in their natural hair. For those extra-long hair lovers, we also keep a couple of 24” sets available too.

Offering an in-salon colour match and consultation guides the customer to purchase the right colour, length and thickness for them as sometimes the process online can be a minefield for the customer.”

Hollie has explained it perfectly so make sure you start shopping for your range of Remi Cachet Clip In hair extensions for your retail space today.

Take a look at one of @holliewilliams_hairextensions appointments with Clip Ins...


Don’t Forget About Aftercare & Storage…

Regardless of whether they are Clip InsTapes, Wefts etc aftercare is always key so just because they are a temporary method, the correct advice should be given to all your clients.

Do you want to know more? Read through All You Need To Know About Remi Cachet Aftercare for our expert advice.

For the perfect storage solution, ensure your clients are aware of our Hair Extensions Storage Set to store their hair extensions away and protect them when travelling.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Storage Set Shop The Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Storage Set




We can’t wait to see Clip Ins in your salon so don’t forget to hashtag your images with #RemiCachet and #ShareYourHair for a chance to be featured on our channels. Do you have any questions about Clip In hair extensions? Feel free to contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.

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