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By Sarah Ingham - 17 Feb 2022

All You Need To Know About Our Brushes

As a stylist, you will appreciate just how important the right brush, or comb, is for the right job, especially when it comes to hair extensions. Hair Extension Brushes are specifically designed to glide over the bonds, prevent pulling and remove tough knots and tangles. Here we take you through each of our brushes to help you teach your clients the importance of taming those tresses specifically with the correct brush.


Designed by leading brush manufacturer, Denman International, in our signature bright pink, our Paddle Brush is a great all-rounder for both wet and dry hair. Perfect for those longer lengths, it will glide effortlessly through hair extensions without snagging or affecting the extension application. Also designed for use with natural hair, the expertly designed super-strength nylon bristles allow the brush to glide through any tough knots and tangles. 


Also made by Denman, the Tangle Tamer is an essential for any extension wearer’s handbag. It may be small but it is a powerful detangling brush great for knots. Similarly to “The Paddle” it is great on wet or dry hair to detangle all hair lengths without snagging.


Other than keeping our manes tangle-free, brushing has the added benefit of stimulating our hair follicles and sebaceous glands that create the natural hair oils to keep our scalp healthy and nourish the hair strands.The Smoothing Brushes combination of boar and nylon bristles help stimulate the natural oils and then move this down the hair to leave it smooth and shiny.


Whilst a similar shape to the Paddle Brush, our Brush and Blow Brush is the best brush for drying hair. With a vented back that allows the warm air to circulate directly on to the hair from the root all the way along the hair strand, this speeds up overall drying time. The bristles are both straight and flexible so this allows you to safely detangle the hair whilst drying. It doesn’t stop there, it is also great to use on dry hair to remove any tangles easily.


The must-have Pintail Comb is an anti-static comb with a metal pintail that has a durable construction which helps with clean sectioning during application or when styling the hair. For example, when styling, it is great for teasing, backcombing, and bringing flyaway strands under control for a sleek finish for wet or dry tresses. It also has an ergonomic grip on the handle to prevent slipping which allows neat sections and precise work when using the comb.


Another must have is the Wave Comb which is perfect to evenly distribute conditioner and remove any troublesome tangles through the mid-lengths to ends when washing the hair. When it comes to using the comb on dry hair, it gently finishes off curled hair to create natural waves by teasing out the curls to create the perfect beach wave look.

Overall, when it comes to using your brushes and combs don’t forget our sectioning pads, and crocodile clips to make working with hair even easier. Our Miracle Mist is also great to help detangle the hair even before you reach for the brush.


On average, a head of hair naturally sheds around 100 strands a day! Some of these strands you may find to be even caught up within the hair extensions until the maintenance appointment which can result in a lot of hair trends being caught up in the brush. So, using the end of your Pintail Comb is super useful to make sure you remove all the hair from a brush to keep it clean.

It is also very important to clean and sterilise your brushes and combs between clients as part of the basic industry code of conduct.

To keep your brushes looking their best, and to last for longer, we have the information you need on how to clean them properly. For the Brush & Blow and combs, use warm soapy water to clean thoroughly and leave to dry naturally. For the Paddle, Tangle Tamer, and Smoothing brush first cover the airhole at the top of the brush with a finger and then continue to wash in warm soapy water and leave to dry naturally.


Showing each of the brushes and combs in your retail area is very important to illustrate the choices available to your clients. This then allows you more opportunities to educate them on the brushes by talking through each type and how they can use them at home. Oh and make sure you don’t forget our Brush and Blow Gift set too as these specifically look great on your shelves.

You also may also want to consider adding a brush as part of an initial pack when taking on new clients to set them up with the right aftercare and on the right path to looking after their hair. The cost of this can be incorporated into the overall package price. You can find more help on getting your pricing right here.

Having the full range of our brushes on your trolley, or kit bag, covers all bases so you can work freely and get the best results from our hair. Using them yourself when working on the clients can help sell them easily too.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of videos of brushing hair, then be sure to post yours – tagging us, mentioning us and of course adding #RemiCachet to get featured.

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