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By Sarah Ingham - 13 Apr 2022

“Why Are My Clients Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Slipping?”

If you are finding that your clients are coming to you about their bonds slipping or you are finding this issue in your maintenance appointments and don’t know where to start, we are here to help. At Remi Cachet we have five things for you to do if you notice bonds are slipping…

1.) Ensure The Hair Is Correctly Cleansed Before Application

Our first recommendation begins at the application stage by ensuring the hair is always cleansed correctly before all applications. Using a clarifying shampoo pre application will effectively remove the build-up of products resulting in the bonds fusing to clean hair for application. The Remi Cachet Pre Application Shampoo will remove any excess residue or oils on the clients hair and we recommend this to be used prior to any Remi Cachet hair extension application.

Something to always note is to not use a conditioner prior to application as this will add oils back into the hair due to its moisturising purposes. As a result, this will significantly increase the likelihood of the bonds slipping.

Click here to shop the Remi Cachet Pre Application Shampoo


2.) Ensure Flat Tips/ Nail Tips Are Sealed

When it comes to Flat Tips and Nail Tips, ensuring these are sealed correctly is important to avoid water ingress which can then cause the bonds to slip.

Completing the fusion technique correctly by rolling or folding the bond around the client's natural hair once it has been melted creates a fully sealed bond. Not only does it result in an easy and quick application but also a secure bond that is sealed effectively to stop the risk of water ingress as well as the bond shedding.


3.) Check Ring Sizes And The Amount Of Hair

For those clients with ring method applications, it's important that during application the size of the ring is correct and you are using enough hair within the ring.

At Remi Cachet we have six types of rings available to you; Micro Rings, Nano Rings and Silicone Rings. We also have two sizes of Mini Locks and Ultra Locks. Each of these are suitable for a different type of application, for example…

- Nano Rings are suitable for Nano Tips.

- Micro Rings are recommended for most Stick Tip extensions.

- Silicone Rings are suitable for either Stick Tips or Wefts.

- Mini Locks are made for for Mini Tips.

- Ultra Locks should be used with our Ultra Tips and Pro Tips.

As each one has its own purpose it is important to ensure you are using the correct one to avoid choosing the wrong size which can result in the bonds slipping.

Regarding the amount of hair, it is also important to ensure with the section enough hair is applied in the ring as too little causes it to become loose and slip. If you find the rings do not have enough hair then simply re-apply.

4.) Examine The Risk Of Oily Hair Or Sweating

As a stylist, you will experience a variety of different hair types every day including Oily hair. This hair type can cause your clients bonds to slip due to the excess oils.

This is also similar to those clients who work out, with sweat compromising the bond. To help with this ensure you advise your clients to tie their hair up away from their neck and forehead before starting their workout whilst also making sure this isn't too tight and tugging at the bonds.

Overall, it is really important that the recommended products are used on your client's hair to remove any perspiration which shows the importance of the next step…

5.) Review Any Potential Aftercare Issues

Ensuring your clients are advised on the correct aftercare is extremely important to maintain the quality of the extensions and avoid issues such as slipping bonds.

Make sure you read up on our Aftercare Guide for everything you need to know about our advice and recommended products for your clients to look after their extensions to ensure they kept them in top condition.

This includes information on our collection of hairbrushes. It is important that your clients use a professional hair extension brush on or near the extensions. We especially love our Paddle Brush to prevent your clients hair from tangling or matting and this is designed to flow through the bonds. It's important that you recommend your clients the correct brush as using an incorrect brush may pull hair from the bonds or cause unnecessary damage to the extensions.

To find out more about the individual brushes and the advice to give to your clients about their brush technique and routine, click here.

For any questions about any of these steps feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to show off your looks by tagging us, mentioning us, and of course, adding #ShareYourHair for a chance to get featured.

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