Our hair extension shampoo is specially formulated for use with all ranges of our Hair Extensions. Not only is our Shampoo sulphate and paraben free, but it is also gentle on all of our bonds and will leave your hair smelling clean and fresh with our signature strawberry and cucumber fragrance.

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Our hair extension conditioner has been formulated with argan oil and other penetrating ingredients to help nourish your Remi Cachet hair extensions. Conditioning your hair is vital to keeping it looking healthy for longer, as well as assisting you in the de-tangling process.

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Miracle Mist

Use the Miracle Mist post wash to condition the hair, provide vital proteins, and help manage tangling. If used on dry hair it can help smooth down any rogue hair and help reduce breakage. Regular use of our Miracle Mist helps not only hair extensions, but your own hair maintains its elasticity.

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Hair Oil

Our Hair Oil can help give hair a natural shine, provide essential oils to help keep your hair moisturised and nourished, prevent frizz and promote great hair health. Keeping your scalp stay healthy and maintain the longevity of your hair.

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Our range of hairbrushes and combs are designed with extensions in mind. From smoothing bristles to wide-toothed combs our different styles, shapes and bristles are sure to make dealing with hair extensions easier!

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Gift Sets

Providing all the essentials needed to take care of your extensions, suitable for home or travel our gift sets contain 4 aftercare products in either large bottles for use at home or travel size to help you look after your hair extensions.

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